Know Your Nuggets: Endowed Progress

October 2, 2018 Bob Sullivan 0

Want your employees or consumers to finish something? Give them a decent head start. It sounds too simple to be true, but it is. People are more likely to complete a task if they are given a jump start at the beginning. This behavioral phenomenon is called “endowed progress.” We all […]

Facebook hacked; at least 50 million accounts impacted

September 28, 2018 Bob Sullivan 1

Facebook has been hacked, and at least 50 million accounts have been impacted, the firm announced today in a blog post titled “Security Update.” As a result, 90 millions users were logged out of their accounts and forced to sign in again, the firm said. Criminals were able to “steal” […]

What should college students know about ethics and technology? Help us make a 101 course, here

September 25, 2018 Bob Sullivan 1

  What should computer science students — all college students — learn about the intersection of ethics and technology? @ethicaltechorg, founded by two Duke university students, (I’m an adviser) is crowd sourcing the curriculum for Tech Ethics 101. Thoughts here, or at the link: Algorithms run our lives today. They […]

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