Red tape that stalled mortgage relief was systematic, CFPB says

September 30, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

    At-risk homeowners trying save their homes from foreclosure during the mortgage meltdown complained for years that banks were systematically stonewalling them. On Monday, federal regulators accused a financial institution of doing just that, alleging that Michigan-based Flagstar Bank intentionally frustrated homeowners and pushed some into foreclosure. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [Keep reading]

My baby is 1 year old, and I couldn’t be prouder

September 22, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

Happy birthday! I’m one year old. Well, this site is one year old. After almost 20 years working in the NBC/MSNBC universe, I struck out on my own last year, with great trepidation.  The Red Tape Chronicles became Honestly, I was worried that nobody (outside my mom) would follow [Keep reading]

No Picture

Home Depot says 56 million account numbers compromised

September 18, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

Home Depot announced Thursday afternoon that hackers who stole data from the chain managed to steal 56 million credit and debit card account numbers before they were discovered.  The criminals used never-before-seen, custom-made malware, the firm said in a statement.  It’s now completed cleaning the malicious software from its systems, [Keep reading]

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