For typical kids, 1,000 photos online before age 5

May 28, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

  Parents today are dooming their children to an over-exposed digital life by posting nearly 1,000 photos of kids before age 5, a new British study suggests. An advocacy group named The Parent Zone polled 2,000 U.K. and found they post 973 photos before their child’s fifth birthday. Even worse: many parents admit [Keep reading]

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Debt collectors’ new tactic: Scary text messages

May 26, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

Debt collectors reportedly have a new strategy to get consumers’ attention: text messages. “YOUR PAYMENT DECLINED WITH CARD ****-****-****-5463 . . . CALL 866.256.2117 IMMEDIATELY,” reads one such text, according to the Federal Trade Commission. (This story was first published on Read it there.) The agency has temporarily halted three [Keep reading]

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