Weather Channel knocked off live TV by hackers

April 18, 2019 Bob Sullivan 1

The Weather Channel’s live TV programming was knocked off the air for about 90 minutes on Wednesday by computer criminals.  While the network struggled to recover from the attack, taped programming aired, beginning at about 6 a.m, according to CNN.  Live broadcast was restored at around 7:30 a.m., but the [Keep reading]

Breach podcast: Equifax’s (bungled) response

April 8, 2019 Bob Sullivan 1

Everyone makes mistakes.  And every company might suffer a data breach.  After years of examples, two things should be obvious to every company: 1) You will likely be hacked and 2) You should have an airtight, lock-solid plan for dealing with the aftermath of such an inevitable hack. Obvious, apparently, [Keep reading]