Georgia voting machines suffer hours-long outages

November 3, 2020 Bob Sullivan 0

Georgia suffered major voting machine malfunctions, according to Election Integrity Foundation Chairman Harri Hursti.  Voting machines were “incorrectly loaded,” according to WSB-TV. Hursti said there were a variety of malfunctions. In Spalding County, there was “100 percent failure in the beginning,” Hursti said. “People came ready to wait but…..clearly, they [Keep reading]

An election night misinformation guide: Stop, drop and roll — Brandolini’s law, Gish gallop, and BS will abound. Be a part of the solution!

November 3, 2020 Bob Sullivan 0

You probably remember “Stop, Drop, and Roll” — shorthand instructions for what to do if you catch fire. For years, I have recommended something similar to Internet users when they encounter anything suspicious — Stop chatting, Drop the conversation, and Roll your chair away from the keyboard. I usually intend [Keep reading]

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