Cybercrime / Privacy

Tracking the Covid tracker apps — dangerous permissions and ‘legitimizing surveillance’

One app requires permission to disable users’ screen locks. Another claims it doesn’t collect detailed location information, but accesses GPS data anyway.  Still another breaks its own privacy policy by sharing personal information with outside companies. And nearly all of them request what Google defines as “dangerous permissions.” Is this [Keep reading]

Cybercrime / Privacy

As Facebook wrestles with Covid ‘censorship’ complaints, criminals step into the confusion

Facebook’s multi-front war on misinformation apparently has a new flank. While the firm wrestles with fake news and constant claims of censorship around the coronavirus, criminals are apparently trying to take advantage of the confusion. Some Facebook Page users are being attacked by an official-looking “Policy Team Page” alert which [Keep reading]

Cognitive bias

The cognitive bias collection

Our minds often play tricks on us. It’s human nature. Believe it or not, people are Predictably Irrational (thanks, Dan Ariely). Marketers and salespeople use these tricks to their advantage; corporations have spent billions in research learning how to exploit consumers using these tricks.  Everyone should know about them. I’ve [Keep reading]