Episode 1: Too Big to Sue

April 22, 2022 Bob Sullivan 2

 INTRODUCTION  The dot-com bubble. It’s hard to put into words how crazy, outlandish, extravagant, and optimistic the dot com bubble was. When I landed in the middle of it as a Microsoft intern in the mid-90s, the first company party I went to — Microsoft rented out a mountain. [Keep reading]

Episode 2: What *hasn’t* worked

April 22, 2022 Bob Sullivan 0

Even Big Tech companies understand they wield too much power. Facebook’s attempt to create an Oversight Board is a nod to this reality.  In practice, it also demonstrates why this problem is so challenging. And how an effort to bring sense to the 2020 presidential election ended up as a [Keep reading]

Episode 3: Begged and Borrowed

April 22, 2022 Bob Sullivan 0

This isn’t the first time the American Way has been threatened by an industry with too much power and influence. What has been done in the past to rebalance the scales? We talk with a field of experts to learn what can be borrowed from the epic struggles of the [Keep reading]

Podcast: I borrowed $500k for a Russian mob boss

April 6, 2022 Bob Sullivan 9

“There’s a pretty good possibility if you go down to Florida, that you’re not coming back alive.” Every day, millions of people go online looking for roommates, or concert tickets, or a date, or a cheap vacation.  Most are keenly aware that there’s a chance they’ll encounter criminals and scams [Keep reading]

Defending Democracy: The interviews gallery

April 6, 2022 Bob Sullivan 0

  Marty Abrams, Information Accountability Foundation Jolynn Dellinger, Duke Law School David Hoffman Cybersecurity Professor, Duke University Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Jane Horvath  Chief Privacy Officer, Apple Francella Ochillo  Next Century Cities Alexys Ogorek  Law Student Duke University Barak Richman  Duke Law School Ken Rogerson Duke [Keep reading]

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