Cybercrime / Privacy

When my smartphone was stolen, Instagram (and 2FA) was the worst part — or, why you won’t see pics of my dog’s costume this Halloween

UPDATE: DEC. 19, 2022 — @RustyDogFriendly is back online. Basically, I just kept trying. It seems from the outside as if Meta/Facebook have hired more people to handle these requests and that’s why this account finally got the human attention it needed to be fixed.  But I don’t know, perhaps [Keep reading]

"In Conversation"

Technology in post-Roe America — In Conversation at Duke University

INTRODUCTION It’s been four months since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, and scholars have rapidly digested the far-reaching implications of the decision.  Today’s In Conversation brings together three of them: Duke Unversity’s Jolynn Dellinger, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Eva Galperin, and Susanna Birdsong, a Planned Parenthood lawyer and Duke adjunct [Keep reading]