‘They were able to steal $600 from me in seconds’ — Another holiday, another flurry Starbucks mobile app ‘hack’ complaints (and a special prepaid cards warning)

January 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

Angry Starbucks customers keep writing me to say their bank accounts are being drained via the coffee giant’s popular mobile app, more than a year after I first reported the disturbing problem. Such a heist ruined Jenna Veeve Farag’s Christmas morning. “They were able to wipe out my checking account,” she [Keep reading]

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Starbucks labor strife spills onto Reddit as workers are told to ‘smile’ and their jobs are a ‘privilege’ by anonymous writer

September 2, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

Frustration among Starbucks workers who say their hours and pay have been slashed took an ugly turn this week as it spilled awkwardly onto forums at Reddit used by employees to “venti” about the coffee giant. You might recall this summer’s controversy, as workers complained that labor cutbacks left many scrambling for hours. Some baristas said shifts [Keep reading]

EXCLUSIVE: Hackers continue stealing from Starbucks app users, nearly a year later; linked credit, debit cards at risk

February 16, 2016 Bob Sullivan 13

Hackers are still stealing money from Starbucks customers using a simple attack on the coffee giants’ app users, BobSullivan.net has learned.  Nearly a year after my initial story exposed widespread attacks on app users’ bank accounts, the security problems plaguing Starbucks’ auto-reload and linked bank account features persist. Starbucks did [Keep reading]

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