VIDEO: Behind the scenes of HBO ‘Kill Chain’ documentary with Harri Hursti

Regular readers know that Harri Hursti, founder of Nordic Innovation Labs and internationally-famous cybersecurity expert, is a long-time source and friend.  Harri has spent the past several years working on a documentary about U.S. elections called “Kill Chain,” which was released last month.  Any educated American who cares about democracy should see the film. Normally, that would involve paying for an HBO service, but starting on Monday, April 6, HBO is making it free to all for a limited time. I’ll send out the link when it’s available.

In honor of the movie’s free release, Harri “sat down” with me over Zoom on Friday to discuss the film, why election security is so hard to fix, and what the coronavirus crisis can teach us about cybersecurity.

As always, Hursti makes points I don’t hear anyone else making. For example: Cybersecurity workers are having a tough time right now because much security software is designed to spot anomalies, or unusual network traffic, such as thousands of computers suddently trying to connect remotely to company servers. Well, everything is unusual right now.  So much of that pattern-detecting software is useless.

You can watch our discussion for free, too.

Watch the Kill Chain trailer below

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