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About Bob Sullivan 1638 Articles
BOB SULLIVAN is a veteran journalist and the author of four books, including the 2008 New York Times Best-Seller, Gotcha Capitalism, and the 2010 New York Times Best Seller, Stop Getting Ripped Off! His latest, The Plateau Effect, was published in 2013, and as a paperback, called Getting Unstuck in 2014. He has won the Society of Professional Journalists prestigious Public Service award, a Peabody award, and The Consumer Federation of America Betty Furness award, and been given Consumer Action’s Consumer Excellence Award.

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  1. There is a limit to free speech, and free Tweets — spreading rumors and fake news can hurt real people, and could be a crime – Bob Sullivan
  2. New toy dolls can spy on your kids (and let strangers hear their conversations), groups allege, ringing ‘Internet of toys’ alarm – Bob Sullivan
  3. Can a robot help you fight parking tickets? Or your landlord? Or … democratize justice? We’re going to find out – Bob Sullivan
  4. With future of Obamacare in doubt, pay-with-your-own-pre-tax dollars model flourishes — and confuses – Bob Sullivan
  5. A golf ball denial of service attack? Costco hits bogey as website topples over golf sales craze – Bob Sullivan
  6. My 2016 in pictures – Bob Sullivan
  7. Money is about to get more expensive, as interest rates rise; here's what you should do to prepare in 2017 (and the silver lining for savers) — Bob Sullivan
  8. They stole $2,900 at an ATM without her debit card; how the smartphone 'eATM' rollout got dumb — Bob Sullivan
  9. Are you binge working? The question is deadly serious — Bob Sullivan
  10. Restless: Under $200k homes disappearing from U.S. market; one-third of starter homes turned into rentals now — Bob Sullivan
  11. Ignore those 'keep your shoes on' airport security ads; high heels still don't fly — Bob Sullivan
  12. Ignore those ‘keep your shoes on’ airport security ads; high heels still don’t fly | News4Security
  13. Credit, debit card fraud activity up sharply -- thanks (?) to those new EMV chips — Bob Sullivan
  14. BREAKING: CFPB sues Navient, formerly Sallie Mae, largest student loan servicer, says it 'cheated' borrowers — Bob Sullivan
  15. Will a Trump presidency mean a return of Gotcha Capitalism? —
  16. Scenes from The Inauguration: The protests —
  17. The Truth needs your help -- because without it, there will be no Justice, and no American Way —
  18. Trump’s mortgage fee cut reversal: What it really means for house hunters —
  19. America lost a treasure yesterday -- I want to make sure you meet her; one of first female press secretaries in Senate, but so much more —
  20. ID theft hit all-time high in 2016, but it's not all bad news —
  21. V-Day warning: Anyone can suffer a moment of weakness over what they think is love -- romance scams hit all-time high —
  22. I warned you about creepy 'Internet of Toys' doll; now, German authorities have banned it —
  23. Howard Schmidt, America's digital guardian angel, served as cyberczar to two Presidents -- a memorial —
  24. Older women 47% less likely to get callbacks for jobs, study finds; meanwhile, online sites can lock out older job seekers —
  25. A Muslim laptop ban? No, a real threat -- that the U.S. has lost credibility —
  26. How many dossiers do corporations have on you? At least 78 — that you can see –
  27. Lucky Vacation Spots: Folly Beach, South Carolina (near Charleston) –
  28. A new series: Lucky Vacation Spots — my take on very-dog-friendly destinations –
  29. How the proposed Trump budget might impact your life –
  30. Every day is April Fool’s Day online — don’t blame the Russians for fake news, blame advertisers –
  31. Privacy Lost: Sorry, but ‘trust us’ just isn’t a good privacy policy (and what you can do about that ISP ruling) –
  32. The ‘original sin’ that made student loan borrowers into criminals: Part 2 of a series –
  33. Asking Twitter to unmask an anonymous account is serious; this DHS request is amateurish, but scary –
  34. Hacked Dallas sirens, maintained by office furniture movers, shows U.S. not serious about critical infrastructure –
  35. This is your face. This is how corporations treat you. This is what we’ve let America become –
  36. Data shows voluntary airline bumpings have shrunk while ‘involuntary denied boarding’ incidents haven’t –
  37. A Tweetstorm: United’s bad flight, in perspective –
  38. Why did Wells Fargo, United behave so badly? Look at perverse incentives –
  39. VIDEO: Can those annoying robocalls be stopped? –
  40. Don’t know how much money is coming in next month? That’s the (new) American way – it’s called ‘precarity’ –
  41. Shirts off! It’s National College Decision Day! Here’s the ultimate guide to not screwing up the college choice process –
  42. Pets make great friends, but terrible passwords. Look how many I found! –
  43. Page not found –
  44. Facebook must ‘come clean’ about teen mood research and ad targeting, consumer groups demand –
  45. Can she spend only $10 a day? Facing student loan mountain, she started ‘Frugal Females Challenge’ –
  46. Ransomware attack creates chaos in U.K. hospitals; reports say some patients, ambulances being turned away –
  47. Your Financial Diaries: ‘There’s always something’ — no such thing as a typical month for the family budget –
  48. Women in tech: A new 'voices' project —

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