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Free or lonely?
Free or lonely?

Those who know me know that for about 15 years, I’ve made a calendar for my family with landscape pictures from my travels. This is mostly so my mother knows where I’ve been and why I don’t call home as often as I should.  But through the years, I’ve taken a few good snaps — mainly during my cross-country drives.  I rarely make 12 photographs worthy of being stared at for a whole month, but many of them are worth looking at for a few moments.  Of course I hate boiling the group down to 12.  So here are the “finalists” from this year.  Yes, there’s 100 pictures.  I’m sorry if it loads slowly for you.  At least I didn’t make it into a slide show.

If anyone’s curious, I’ll let you know what made the cut into the calendar!


Calendar photos
Looking over my calendar?

IMG_8212 (800x533) (550x366) (2) IMG_8423 (2) (550x367) IMG_8438 (550x367) (2) IMAG2231 (550x311) (2) IMAG1913 (550x311) (2) 2-Feb-IMG_8761 (550x367) (550x367) 8-Aug-IMAG2267 (550x152) IMAG0022 (1024x577) (550x310) IMAG0381 (550x311) IMAG0452 (311x550) IMAG0482 (550x311) IMAG0483 (550x311) IMAG0588 (311x550)
IMAG0377 (550x311)
IMAG0716 (550x311) IMAG0726 (550x311) IMAG0771 (311x550) 1-Jan-IMAG0880 (550x311) 4-April-IMAG0768 (550x311) IMAG0769 (550x311) IMAG0879 (550x311) IMAG0883 (550x311) IMAG1439 (550x311) IMAG1727 (550x311) 3-March-IMG_7843 (367x550) 10-Oct-IMAG1957 (600x339) (550x311) IMAG1972 - Copy (339x600) (311x550)

7-July-IMG_8523 (550x367)
11-Nov-IMG_8622 (550x367) IMG_8212 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8223 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8240 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8287 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8306 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8082 (800x533) (550x366)
IMG_8105 (800x533) (550x366)
IMG_8116 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8185 (800x533) (550x366) IMG_8323 (550x367) IMG_8361 (550x367) IMG_8382 (550x367) IMG_8396 (550x367) IMG_8469 (550x367) IMG_8471 - Copy (550x367) 6-June-IMG_8463 (550x367) IMG_8438 (550x367) IMG_8450 (550x367) IMG_8389 (550x367) IMG_8399 (550x367) IMG_8424 (550x367) IMG_8437 (550x367) IMG_7584 (367x550) IMG_8356 (550x367) IMG_8360 (550x367) IMG_8380 (550x367) IMAG2273 (550x311) IMG_7876 (367x550) IMG_8088 (550x367) IMG_8105 (550x367) IMG_8171 (550x367) IMAG2270 (550x172) IMG_8061 (550x367) IMG_8084 (550x367) IMG_8087 (550x367) 6-June-IMG_7929 (550x367) IMAG2189 (311x550) IMAG2193 - Copy (311x550) IMAG2196 (311x550) IMAG2231 (550x311) IMG_7956 (550x367) IMAG2171 (550x311) IMG_7864 (550x367) IMG_7790 (550x367) IMG_7794 (550x367) IMG_7837 (550x367) IMG_7838 (550x367) IMG_7880 (550x367) IMAG2158 (550x311) IMG_7727 (550x367) IMG_7761 (550x367) IMG_7766 (550x367) 10-Oct-IMAG1957 (550x311) IMAG1987 (550x311) IMAG2109 (550x311) IMG_7687 (550x367) IMAG1913 (550x311) IMG_7547 (550x367) IMG_7565 (550x367) IMG_7635 (550x367) 1-Jan-best popr (550x476) 5-May-IMG_0011 (550x413) 9-Sept-IMAG1812 (550x311) IMAG1812 (550x311) 1-Jan-IMG_9531 (550x342) IMAG2531 (600x339) (550x311) IMG_9163 (600x400) (550x367) IMG_9191 (600x400) (550x367) 9-Sept-IMG_9291 (367x550) IMAG2551 (550x311) IMAG2561 (550x311) IMAG2571 (311x550) IMAG2628_1 (550x279) IMG_9127 (550x367) IMG_9230 (550x367) IMG_8936 (550x367) Try this (550x293) IMG_8974 (550x367) (550x367) 1-Cover-IMG_8929 (550x367) (550x367) IMG_8898 (550x367) (550x367) IMG_8871 (550x367) (550x367) IMG_8644 (550x367) (550x367) 11-Nov-IMG_8622 (550x367) (550x367) 7-July-IMG_8523 (550x367) (550x367) IMG_8510 (367x550) (335x530)

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