ROAD TRIP: What’s your money story? Have coffee with me

by Bob Sullivan on July 9, 2014

Really, it's a nice mug

Really, it’s a nice mug

The countdown is on: Next weekend, Rusty and I leave for parts West with camera, notebook, and laptop in hand. I’d love to see some of you along the way.  And I’d love to talk about money, if you are willing.

Together with, I want to get a sense of where you think the economy is headed, where your life is headed, and how you got to the place you are in life.  What’s your money story? Let’s have coffee, if there’s time. There will be a free book in it or you. Or a coffee mug.

My route, still a bit in flux, takes me through places like Pittsburgh–Chicago–Omaha–on up to Seattle.  Leave me a note here, or on my Facebook page, if you might be able to swing it.

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If you are feeling nostalgic, you can visit other years’ road-trip stories, or my stories about Rusty and Lucky.


Axton met Rusty last year!

Axton met Rusty last year!


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