New chip credit cards lead to …. worse fraud?

February 3, 2016 Bob Sullivan 1

U.S. consumers have finally been liberated from archaic technology that used to protect them and their credit cards from identity theft. Millions of Americans now have chip-enabled credit cards.  And now the results of this sweeping change are in. Just as many consumers were hit by ID theft last year […]

LifeLock violated settlement terms, FTC alleges

July 21, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

The firm that may have profited the most from consumer fears over identity theft has run into serious trouble with the Federal Trade Commission for the second time. LifeLock, which rose to prominence in the 1990s when its founder plastered his Social Security number across billboards in a marketing stunt, […]

Photos, fingerprints, location info would finally be ‘private’ under new federal privacy law proposal

May 1, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

Legislation that would establish new nationwide privacy protections for American consumers was introduced by a group of high-profile Democratic senators on Thursday, including Pat Leahy (Vermont) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts). The Consumer Privacy Protection Act would establish federal standards for notification of consumers when their data is lost or stolen, […]

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