Facebook must ‘come clean’ about teen mood research and ad targeting, consumer groups demand

May 9, 2017 Bob Sullivan 0

Facebook should release secret research it has done to psychologically analyze teen-age users, U.S. consumer groups demanded on Wednesday, after reports surfaced in Australian media that the social media giant had come with up techniques to predict kids’ emotional states — placing them in buckets like “defeated,” “overwhelmed,” “stressed,” “stupid,” “useless,” and [Keep reading]

For typical kids, 1,000 photos online before age 5

May 28, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

  Parents today are dooming their children to an over-exposed digital life by posting nearly 1,000 photos of kids before age 5, a new British study suggests. An advocacy group named The Parent Zone polled 2,000 U.K. and found they post 973 photos before their child’s fifth birthday. Even worse: many parents admit [Keep reading]