Will a Trump presidency mean the return of Gotcha Capitalism?

January 19, 2017 Bob Sullivan 0

Free markets mean corporations and consumers are engaged in a constant arm-wrestling match over prices and rules governing marketplaces. When President-elect Donald Trump takes office, will the rules of this engagement change substantially? Already, Republicans are fighting hard to dismantle, or at least dis-empower, the nation’s newest federal consumer protection […]

‘They were able to steal $600 from me in seconds’ — Another holiday, another flurry Starbucks mobile app ‘hack’ complaints (and a special prepaid cards warning)

January 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

Angry Starbucks customers keep writing me to say their bank accounts are being drained via the coffee giant’s popular mobile app, more than a year after I first reported the disturbing problem. Such a heist ruined Jenna Veeve Farag’s Christmas morning. “They were able to wipe out my checking account,” she […]

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