Know Your Nuggets: Social Proof

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

  You arrive at a party at an unfamiliar home. As you ring the bell, you rehearse the next few moments — explaining who you know, why you’re there, where you’ll place the bottle of wine you’re holding. Then the door opens, the hellos begin, and suddenly, there’s a powerful [Keep reading]

Know Your Nuggets: Operational Transparency

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

When you were in math class as a child, teachers usually wanted more than the correct answer to a problem. They also wanted you to demonstrate, on paper, how you got the answer. They wanted you to “show your work.” Turns out, adults want that too. In fact, something kind of magical [Keep reading]

Know Your Nuggets: The Identifiable Victim Effect

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 2

The Syrian refugee crisis had been raging for nearly five years, and millions displaced, when one photograph changed the entire global conversation. The lifeless body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi, lying face down on a beach after drowning while attempting a dangerous escape to Europe on a flimsy raft, cut through [Keep reading]

Know Your Nuggets: Choice Overload

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

  Beer bars are all the rage. Perhaps you’ve experienced actual rage yourself, the last time you saw someone approach a highly trained beertender and ask this simple question: “What’s good?” Maybe there was even an audible gasp in the bar. Egads! Inevitably, the beertender escalated the situation with a [Keep reading]

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