Rusty: A celebration of life

February 10, 2023 Bob Sullivan 0

I lost my managing editor, Rusty, this week when he got promoted.  Best boss I ever had. Let’s be clear, he was a very involved manager.  I didn’t book a lunch, take a story assignment, go to bed, or even walk across the apartment without consulting him first.  He had [Keep reading]

Lucky Vacation Spots: Louisville, Kentucky

January 8, 2020 Bob Sullivan 0

Traveling with your dog in winter is tricky. Many “dog-friendly” places limit pets to outside patios, and so cold weather can severely limit your options. Fortunately, there’s Louisville, Kentucky. Add that to a list of places where you can find plenty of pup-friendly accommodations and activities — even indoors. Rusty [Keep reading]

Photos of Sen. John McCain lying in state

August 31, 2018 Bob Sullivan 2

It was boiling hot at the Capitol building on Friday, where John McCain lies in state.  Well before the event was open to the public, citizens lined up.  It was refreshing and inspiring to see the mix of people who were there. A couple behind me flew up from Florida [Keep reading]

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