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Home sweet (rental) home: Why families are renting, instead of buying, single-family homes (and how to rent safely)

Is renting (a home) the new buying? Single-family rentals—either detached homes or townhomes—are developing faster than any other portion of the housing market. These rentals outpace both single-family home purchases and apartment-style living, according to the Urban Institute. “Almost all the housing demand in recent years has been filled by [Keep reading]

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Your Financial Diaries: ‘There’s always something’ — no such thing as a typical month for the family budget

“There’s always something.” Heather Young, who my readers my might remember, spends a lot of her time thinking about money. She runs an online group designed to help women get their spending under control (The Frugal Females Challenge).  But even for Heather, life happens.  There’s weddings, bachelorette parties, and … [Keep reading]