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A billion cameras watching us; and now Baltimore cops watch from airplanes above the city — No Place to Hide podcast, ep. 5

Erin and Noah, on the run from Erin’s abusive ex-husband, make their way from Ohio to Missouri as they search for a safe place to spend the night after a near-disaster that morning at Noah’s school. Even simple tasks like shutting off Internet service are dangerous and mind-numbingly frustrating.  That’s [Keep reading]

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U.S. small businesses drown in red tape awaiting lifeline; in Europe, many already have Covid cash

As U.S. small businesses crumble, their employees overload unemployment websites, and the software used to hand out loans crashes, it’s important to know there are alternatives.  Like this one, from Switzerland: “I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Alberto Belloli, head of Belloli, a family engineering business in the canton of [Keep reading]