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Student loan borrowers still left hung out to dry; private lenders offering ‘no flexibility’

Borrowers stuck with oppressive private student loan debts continue to get little mercy from lenders, which is bad for both consumers and the financial institutions, according to a report issued Thursday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While distressed mortgage holders have several opportunities to appeal for lower monthly payments, and federal [Keep reading]

The Restless Project

Here’s what a really, really bad non-compete agreement looks like; make sandwiches, lose all bargaining power

Mass-produced non-compete agreements are anti-capitalist, anti-free market, and decidedly un-American. I’ve covered the topic extensively before, but it needs little elaboration.  Preventing a worker from changing jobs, even after quitting or being fired, is unconscionable. Worse, it’s nearly always done by corporations who engage in all sorts of free market [Keep reading]