Been hit by a Gotcha? Consumers, rage about it here

August 18, 2013 Default User 0

Bob Sullivan popularized the term “Gotcha Capitalism” with publication of his New York Times best-selling book of the same name.  Gotchas — such as hidden fees — are annoying on a daily basis to consumers. But Sullivan argues they have also changed the way our economy works. Gotchas are the […]

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Welcome to the new

August 6, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

I’ve been a journalist since 1990 focused on trying to make the world a little more fair. If it makes you angry, I’ve probably written about it, either on my  Red Tape Chronicles blog for NBC News or in one of my four books.  I’m an independent journalist and author now. You can […]

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Best meal on the trip: Summer Steak Salad in Wyoming

August 4, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

In Laramie, Wyo., at the Crowbar & Grill. Summer Steak Salad, with grilled strawberries…yes, strawberries. Owner Andy Glines tells me he soaks the berries in a simple syrup first, and adds goat cheese from a one-woman operation called Victory Hill Farms in Nebraska. Flat iron cut. Can taste it from […]

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Why is driving West more fun than driving East?

July 31, 2013 Bob Sullivan 2

Why does it feel better to go West than East? I’ve driven across country as an adult perhaps a dozen times, in both directions, and I’ve tried most of the obvious routes. One thing I know: it always feels better going West than East. Maybe it’s the time zones. It’s […]

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Day 7: Seattle to Missoula

July 31, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

If you’ve never been, make a point to go: Missoula, Montana is one of America’s great small cities. A mountain town, a university town, an arts culture with an edge all its own. Missoula reminds you of the hope that is America.

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