Grading workers on a curve: a dumb idea that simply won’t die

November 19, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

It’s stunning that just as Microsoft is emerging from a decades-long mistake in how it manages employees, Yahoo is voluntarily diving into the same rat hole. When, oh when, will U.S. corporations stop using 18th Century techniques for managing workers? And when with HR departments stop getting fooled into paying […]

Do you have a love/hate relationship with credit card rewards?

November 15, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

Do you find credit card rewards programs confusing?  Are your points easy to spend? Or are they like airline miles, so laden with restrictions that they seem, well, pointless? Federal regulators say they are looking into the issue, which is making card issuers nervous.  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Rich […]

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What happens to student loans after a death; the details

November 15, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

What happens to student loan debt when the borrower dies? The answer: It depends, based on the type of loan. Federal student loan debt can be discharged through a relatively simple process; private loan debt, however, can shift to parents or other co-signers. As the families of many deceased borrowers know, […]

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