Is your bar serving you (a little less than) a pint?

October 11, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

In most states, it’s illegal to over-serve patrons in bars. A law proposed in Michigan would make it illegal to under-serve them, too. The legislation would ban bars and restaurants from delivering anything less than 16 ounces when a customer orders a “pint” of beer. There’s no research to suggest […]

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Rusty, St. Francis Day blessing, and Catholic fun

October 6, 2013 Bob Sullivan 3

The words “fun” and “Catholic” don’t seem like they go together, but sometimes they do. Like on St. Francis Day! St. Francis is known for the way he cared for animals, and at many parishes, St. Francis Day means the Blessing of the Animals.  Often, priests will greet animals and […]

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