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Yes, you can start a business for less than $5,000

May 14, 2013 Bob Sullivan 2

Like so many Americans, Seth Rubin was a victim of the recession of 2009. He was laid off as a project manager for a construction company as home building plummeted in Denver. An avid cyclist, he had always dreamed of opening up a coffee and biscuit shop, but the huge […]

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From Lucky to Rusty: the journey from sadness to joy

September 12, 2012 Bob Sullivan 2

Among the cruelest truths of biology is this: A dog’s life is considerably shorter than a human’s life. The math is unforgiving; if you love a dog, you will lose a dog, and you will suffer the pain and biting lessons that death brings — probably several times over. A […]

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Have you lost a pet? Share a happy memory here

August 7, 2012 Bob Sullivan 2

VISIT the SoLucky pet memorial page Losing a beloved pet is among the most painful human experiences. Sharing the pain can help. When I lost my dear Lucky, and wrote about it on, I was overwhelmed by the response. So many people shared stories with me I had to […]

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When Lucky died; a grief observed on social media

June 30, 2011 Bob Sullivan 2

GOLDEN, Colo. — There’s a reason the expression goes “You look like your dog just died.” Losing a dog is a sadness so profound that it’s useless to explain to anyone who hasn’t been through it. In fact, finding others who understand is probably the only way to get through […]

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