More video of that Missouri professor who calls in ‘muscle’ — what the law says, and why anyone with a smartphone should care

November 10, 2015 Bob Sullivan 1

“This is public property.” “(With sarcasm) I know, that’s a really good one… I’m communication faculty and I really get that argument..but you need to get out.” Yesterday, a Missouri professor called for “muscle” to remove a journalist from a public place on campus where protesters had gathered, and the scene [Keep reading]

A day with the Pope, in photos

September 24, 2015 Bob Sullivan 0

WASHINGTON — It’s been an amazing couple of days, running around trying to find the Pope.  I got closer than I ever imagined I would.  I hope you saw my Sophia Cruz story already.   There were plenty of other images from the past 24 hours that I think are [Keep reading]

No Picture

Labor Day: Time to work that second job

September 7, 2015 Bob Sullivan 2

One of Heidi’s biggest fears is growing old with credit card debt, but it sure looked like she was headed that way last year. That’s why Heidi took a second job. The 41-year-old, who lives near Pittsburgh, has about $30,000 in credit card debt. Right now Heidi — who asked [Keep reading]

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