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Eight ways to avoid car repair gotchas

April 25, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

A captive consumer is someone who isn’t in a position to bargain and, in turn, could overpay. For example, a traveler purchasing Wi-Fi on an airplane is captive because there’s only one option and a pay TV subscriber is captive if there’s only one cable company in the area, or [Keep reading]

I’ve joined the University of Georgia’s journalism innovation program, and a friend has made a generous donation to help students there

April 21, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

Friend and fellow consumer crusader Adam Levin recently pledge to give $150,000 to the University of Georgia’s journalism school. The donation will help train and inspire young journalists for years to come. It’s exciting news for me because the donation is directly tied to helping young people invent (rescue?) the future of [Keep reading]

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