Webcams involved in DDoS attack recalled; Chinese maker threatens legal action for ‘totally untrue’ accusations

October 24, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

It’s easy to blame dumb consumers using bad passwords when a large-scale Internet attack occurs, and that’s what happened on Friday when sites like Reddit and Twitter became unavailable during an Internet of Things-driven denial of service attack. But a developing melodrama has U.S. security firms saying passwords were hard-coded into the gadgets [Keep reading]

Fighting fine print with fine print: If Thrifty can charge me a $20 no-gas-receipt fee, why can’t I charge Thrifty a $20 no-receipt fee?

October 20, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

I’m constantly amazed at the unfair contracts consumers are forced to sign during simple transactions with large corporations. Lawyers load up standard-form contracts with one-sided, take-it-or-leave-it terms, often called “contracts of adhesion.”   I’m in a crowd that believes one-sided contracts where there’s unequal bargaining power aren’t contracts at all, and so [Keep reading]

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