Two great new speakers just added to ‘Meet the Hackers’ seminar in D.C. on Oct. 14

We just added Chloe Autio of Intel and Randy Sabett at Cooley will now join an already great lineup of experts I’ll be hosting in DC next month.  If you are in the DC area, or can be, please consider joining in this important conversation.

It’s time for hackers and privacy professionals to talk; here’s an opportunity to learn from the smartest minds in privacy and cybersecurity. Come to George Washington University’s Marvin Center on Oct. 14th for a day-long conversation about the tricky conversations that must take place between lawyers and hackers under the most pressure-packed circumstances.


For the second year, I am managing a “meet the hacker”-style intensive day as a pre-con event to Dan Solove’s Privacy+Security conference in Washington D.C. I really enjoyed the event last year. It was small enough that I could maintain a seminar-style discussion, which was lively, fun and useful. With a year under my belt, and a great lineup of new speakers, I think this event will be even more productive and entertaining.

You can attend just this intensive day, or you can attend Prof. Solove’s entire event that week. Click here to see the schedule for my event.

Then click here to register – be sure to select “Infosec + Tech Intensive.”  Scholarships are available; please contact me directly for details.

Here’s a bit more about the concept: Almost everyone in cybersecurity has been there. A crisis unfolds. A big hack, or a lost laptop. A rapid-response team is formed.  Suddenly you’re sitting across the table from someone you’ve never seen before. You have different priorities. It feels like you are speaking different languages. This is not the time to get to know each other, or to get a crash course in the basics.

Now is a better time. Before the crisis. That’s the idea behind this intensive, all-day session I’ve planned with George Washington University law professor Dan Solove. His Privacy + Security conference has become a can’t-miss show for privacy professionals.  We’ve discussed a project like this for a while. Last year was our first effort. This year, we’ve pulled together this add-on day for conference attendees.

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