Pinners panic as Pinterest boards disappear, then reappear scrambled

pinterestSome Pinterest users around the web are complaining that the massive sharing site is malfunctioning, leading to a lot of anxiety among pinners.

“Wow! A disaster on ‪#‎Pinterest‬. It’s having a nervous breakdown,” wrote one. “No ones pins are in the right place. All the boards are totally mixed up. A corrupt database, perhaps? For instance, on my Darius Design account. under one of my boards called Mobile Design… now I have something called Sexy Food?”

The website Down Detector said Pinterest was fully offline earlier today, at about 3 p.m. ET. While the site came back up a few hours later, it appears whatever restoration work Pinterest is doing hasn’t gone well.

“My boards are not correct. They all open up the same and my secret boards are not correct either. Everything is wrong. Please help xox,” wrote another complainer on the Down Detector site.

“I am being taken to the same board over and over again, too! Same issue as everyone else. It even happens when I look at a friends boards. I click on 4 different boards, but the same one comes up,” said another.

Other users contacted me to say their boards appeared normal at around 10:30 p.m. ET, so whatever is happening, it’s not happening to everyone.

Pinterest told me at 10:40 p.m. ET everything was back to normal.

“We were experiencing some site issues earlier in the day, but everything should now be up and running as usual,” Malorie Lucich, Pinterest spokesperson, said in an email.

Asked about persistent complaints from some users, Lucich added this: “We made a few updates in the past hour to ensure everything was fixed. It may have taken a bit for the issue to be solved for everyone.”

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