Some Comcast users say they can’t watch Super Bowl

A frustrated user posted this image

Comcast Cable TV subscribers were throwing penalty flags all over Twitter on Sunday night when an apparent outage prevented them from watching the Super Bowl.


It was unclear how widespread the troubles were. Comcast’s customer support account, @ComcastCares, confirmed outages in Virginia.  Outages in that area were caused by two separate fires, the firm said in a Website post.


But football fans…and frustrated party hosts…from other states also reported problems. Users is Florida and Colorado claimed the outage was impacting them, too.


ComcastCares was rapid-fire responding to complaints online, indicating the firm was responding to the problems. The account didn’t offer an explanation or an estimated time for restorationow.

Comast didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Comcast owns the NBC network. Sunday’s Super Bowl was on Fox.




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