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Why do we get stuck? The eight reasons
Why do we get stuck? The eight reasons

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Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson have helped the Miami Heat win consecutive NBA titles. Their book, The Plateau Effect/Getting Unstuck, has been featured on the cover of O! Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Hugh has helped grow a $3 billion Silicon Valley powerhouse. Bob has written two New York Times best-sellers and consulted with the Cleveland Indians. Now, for $10, he wants to help you.

“James Jones, one of Miami’s reserve forwards, read a book during the (NBA) Finals called The Plateau Effect, in part because it pertained to the Heat,” wrote SI reporter Lee Jenkins. “‘ When you’re the elite, the exception, the example, you get to a peak, and you try to maintain what got you there rather than growing it … Complacency creeps in, and by the time you realize it, you’re regressing. That’s the plateau. Getting past it requires stimuli, and oftentimes the best stimuli is failure.’ ”

Failure is just one antidote getting stuck. I’d love to help you find the cause of your plateaus, and the ways you can break free of them.  Give me 10 minutes a day for 30 days and you’ll have all the tools you need to break away from whatever is holding your back.

The Plateau Effect is now available in paperback, newly called Getting Unstuck, and it’s more practical than ever at under $15. To coincide with launch of the paperback, I’m offering a companion to the book: a 30-day challenge towards getting unstuck.  Participants will learn how the eight causes of plateaus relate directly to their lives as working moms, frustrated cubicle dwellers, or parents trying to re-enter the workforce. Every day, a new exercise will arrive via email full of practical explanations and simple adjustments you can make to free yourself from whatever has you stuck.

Why sign up?

1. It’s easy and effective

Better than just reading a book, taking the course is a commitment to making change. Week after week, you’ll be reminded about the steps you must take to start living your dreams.  For 30 days, I’ll send you messages that hit home, and keep hammering away at things you need to do to change. I can’t hold your hand, but this course is the next best thing.

2. Accountability

You’ll have the chance to interact with me and other Getting Unstuck participants, who will pledge to each other what steps they are taking to make real change.

3. Practical tips

Most problems are really just an encounter with being stuck. You are stuck at your job, stuck at your marriage, stuck in debt.  The key to the Getting Unstuck is understanding the forces that conspire against you to keep you mired in quicksand.  One of the main theories driving The Plateau Effect is that working harder is often the worst advice you can get. Understand the eight causes of plateaus, and you’ll never waste effort running in place again.

The deal: The 30-day Getting Unstuck in Your Career challenge is 30-day course consisting of daily e-mailed lessons designed specifically for people who feel stuck in their career.  Simply enter your email address and credit card information below and you’ll get started right away.





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