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How much do people hate going to auto repair shops? A new survey says 41% of Americans would rather do their taxes — by hand! — than head to a garage for car repairs. And why not? About 60% say they think they’ve been ripped off by an auto repair shop, I guess they aren’t lucky enough to be able to take their cars to auto repair Greensboro.

The survey also found that three-quarters of Americans think repair shops are condescending to women and are more likely to overcharge them. There are a few places that will provide you with a good service though. The best way to check this is to look at the reviews of each place before you use them. If you are still uncertain though and would like some extra reassurance, then there is no harm in double-checking. For example, if your windshield has recently had a chip in it or has been damaged then you might want to check out a company similar to this auto glass seattle one. You might have found that car repair businesses are trying their best to cater equally to everyone regardless of your gender, as it is not fair to charge women more than men.

As a result, a website named RepairPal is hoping to tip the scales back toward consumers with a simple online tool and app called RepairPrice Estimator. Drivers enter their ZIP code and service required, and it returns a price range and additional notes about potential repair costs.

For example: A driver in suburban Seattle who needs a new water pump for a six-year-old Jeep Liberty will find the price should range from $263 to $368, and should include coolant, a gasket, and hose clamps. The estimate also includes a warning that drive belts may require replacement as part of this procedure, particularly if a leaky water pump has spilled coolant on a belt.

RepairPal said the estimator is fueled by technicians and analysts, who spent 75,000 hours analyzing the cost of labor and parts for various repairs alongside ZIP codes across the country.

Garage door repairs can be a concern for car owners too. Companies like Coastal Garage Doors can be of assistance.

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