Top stories from 2013, and a big thank you

CoverWhen 2013 began, I never imagined I’d be setting up my own consumer news service. But the year was full of surprises, opportunities, a successful book launch, and some disappointments. It all cleared the way for this exciting change.  As New Year’s approaches, I’m proud to say that 50,000 people have now visited this site, and I’m thrilled that we are keeping the Red Tape Chronicles alive, along with the spirit of consumers helping consumers to make the world a little bit more fair.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every click. Every day I receive some note of encouragement or outrage, and every one inspires me to keep going.  I’ll try to do even better for you next year, when I hope this site can grow in popularity, and more important, influence.  We often cover topics that other sites miss, so if there’s a consumer issue you feel is being missed, please let me know by emailing bob @  bobsullivan dot net.

Also, a huge thank you to Kim Carney, designer extraordinaire and friend of a too-generous heart, who’s emergency assistance really made this site possible.

Here are my 10 most popular stories from 2013. Note, I only began publishing in September, so the list covers only those months. And these aren’t the most popular stories in all tech/consumer world — they are the Red Tape stories that you readers clicked on most often.  

Top 10 stories from 2013

1. Amazing weight loss results in 15 minutes? Their pictures prove that pictures lie

2. Home Depot Twitter stream a sea of apologies after picture offends many

3. Alert: Facebook, Google make your face less private. The settings you should update right now

4. Gotcha! Why a 5-mile ambulance ride costs $800 — or more

5. Did you get ripped off on your last airline ticket? Here’s a tool that offers a clue

6. A credit freeze? Bad advice — and everything else you need to know about Target hack, day 2

7. That $3,500 comment fine? A monster created by the credit bureaus

8. Couple ‘fined’ for negative online comments threatens lawsuit, seeks $75,000 in damages

9. Screens are bad for babies and toddlers; stop selling, and buying, products designed for them

10. Don’t Get Ripped Off series: The right way to buy a cell phone in the age of data charges


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BOB SULLIVAN is a veteran journalist and the author of four books, including the 2008 New York Times Best-Seller, Gotcha Capitalism, and the 2010 New York Times Best Seller, Stop Getting Ripped Off! His latest, The Plateau Effect, was published in 2013, and as a paperback, called Getting Unstuck in 2014. He has won the Society of Professional Journalists prestigious Public Service award, a Peabody award, and The Consumer Federation of America Betty Furness award, and been given Consumer Action’s Consumer Excellence Award.

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