Amid flap over spying on Germany’s leader, goes down

October 25, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

The National Security Agency’s website was unavailable for users on Friday afternoon. Twitter accounts associated with the loosely-affiliated hacker group known as Anonymous called attention to the outage moments after the site went down, but there was no way to immediate identify a cause for its unavailability. The website […]

Seniors are sexting, oversharing, McAfee says

October 25, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

Grandma and Grandpa are sexting? Yup, says a new survey of 50- to 75-year-olds conducted by security firm McAfee. The research suggests older social media and smartphone users are also oversharing at an alarming rate, putting them at greater risk for identity theft. More than half of older Net users have shared […]

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Murdered teacher filled online world with love for math

October 23, 2013 Bob Sullivan 1

The young math teacher’s online footprint is an incredible celebration of life, of wit, of enthusiasm.  Math geek jokes are particularly near and dear to my heart, and a week ago, she tweeted a doozy: “Parallel lines have got so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet.”  Now, […]

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Amazon ups free shipping minimum from $25 to $35

October 22, 2013 Bob Sullivan 0

It’s true — if you want free shipping from Amazon now, you’ll have to spent at least $35, up from $25.  Just in time for holiday shopping! Amazon says it implemented the change on Monday.  Hope you have a bunch of $10 items on your wish list that you can […]

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