Daily podcast: How technology is helping people cope with covid-19 (all 13 episodes on one page!)

Alia’s not hiding. She’s just trying to get better sound.

The unusual should seem normal right now, and so I’m doing something unusual. Our “So, Bob” podcast about the unintended consequences of technology is usually heavy on outrage and dark topics like privacy and election hacking. But ever since co-host Alia Tavakolian and I have been stuck at home because of coronavirus, we have pivoted hard towards the positive.  We’re talking about how tech is helping people cope in the age of shelter-in-place.  Every day, we check in with each other and share one positive thing we’ve seen or heard in the past 24 hours.

I love doing it. It’s the most productive part of my day, and it’s really helped remind me to look for silver linings as we fly through this very, very dark cloud.  We’re two weeks in, and we’ve accumulated a lot of beautiful stories.  I’ve assembled them all here for you.  The chats are quick, maybe 10 minutes or so.  Even if you binge on this page, as I hope you will, we’ll take up less than three hours of time (and I know you have the time now.)

I hope these podcasts put a smile on your face.  And I hope you’ll consider contributing One Good Thing to our podcast, by either emailing me (see ‘About’ above), or leaving a comment, or calling our voicemail hotline (the phone number is in the podcast).

EPISODE 1 – What are we doing?

EPISODE 2 – HelpMainStreet.com and Lemons

EPISODE 3 – Vince Burke’s online workout

Vince Burke

EPISODE 4 – Persian New Year and sci-fi conference moves online

EPISODE 5 – Baseball, Vin Scully and Instagram dance class

EPISODE 6 – Story time in Space and Random Acts of Kindness

EPISODE 7 – Snohomish fire department fire science lesson and The Hobbit

EPISODE 8 – YNWA and Patrick Stewart

EPISODE 9 – Thanks, grocery store workers and meditating with Lizzo

EPISODE 10 – Teddy bear hunts and Good News on Youtube

EPISODE 11 – Home Safari, zoos, and exploding kittens

EPISODE 12 – Tech garage cleanout and NPR’s tiny desk concerts

I loved my iRiver MP3 player.

EPISODE 13 – Church shopping and Animal Crossing

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