Day 5: Colorado to Utah to Montana — when the end is near

by Bob Sullivan on July 19, 2014

020 (550x367)There’s something about Tuesday of a vacation week. I love the feeling of being somewhere new, away from work, having a great time, and realizing it’s only Tuesday.  “Wow! It feels like this will last forever!” Call it the Tuesday effect.

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Thursday is another matter. Inn New York City, Thursdays are often more fun than Fridays, and I’m not sure why.  I suppose people can’t wait until Friday to let loose, and Thursday is close enough. But when you are on vacation, this phenomenon is a bit backwards.  Sure, vacation Thursdays are often time for a big blast of fun, but there’s a creeping thought in the back of your mind.  The final real vacation day is tomorrow.  Then, it’s back to the old life. Back to reality.  Call it turnaround Thursday.

Maybe you are better at this than I am. Maybe you push off the turnaround until Sunday night at 11 p.m.  But for me, as soon as I get that sense I am in the home stretch, a tinge of sadness crosses my mind.  It’s not unlike the feeling I have in that moment when I am hiking, or driving, and I am lost and suddenly figure out where I am going. Being lost enough to be perhaps a little concerned, but also excited, is a wonderful thing, and being found is wonderful … with a tinge of sadness.

Maybe if we lived in Europe, I’d be writing about the turnaround third week of vacation rather than turnaround Thursday. But whatnot…enjoy all your trips to their fullest! Here’s some more pictures of our wonderful country.  I’ll have more to say about the economy soon.

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