Road Trip Day 2: Cleveland to Chicago — and two more Rustys

by Bob Sullivan on July 16, 2014

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Denise and Jim Carbone are that lovely young couple you really hope buy the home next door when your neighbors sell.  I met them and their golden Beaker (named after the Muppet character) on Tuesday.  Both had previous goldens in their lives, before they were married. Both were named Rusty.  I figured they were trying to get me to join some kind of Rusty cult.  Which of course I would be perfectly fine with.

Denise ran across me, as so many readers do — not because of my consumer/tech/business stories — because of my writing about Lucky, and what happened when he passed away right before a reporting trip like this a few years ago.

On this wonderful night, my Rusty got to run around (and poop) in their backyard while we chatted about their choice to buy a home outside their beloved Wrigleyville in Chicago, just across the Indiana border, and commute every day.  More on that when I write their #AmericasMoneyStories entry for For now, I’ll let you see a bit of the fun we had, and some of the fun I had as I drive into Chicago on Day 2 of my trip, and then on to Nebraska.

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