Why the gender pay gap fight should be about overwork

April 25, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

There’s been a lot of yelling about equal pay in the news lately. It’s a discussion I’d rather not wade deeply into, because boiling national labor data down to a single data point is the place where logic goes to die.  Everyone knows there’s a long history of pay discrimination […]

Secret confessions of a hotel/timeshare telemarketer

April 23, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

Corporations behave in miserable ways these days. A nasty combination of Quarter-by-quarter thinking, executive-worker pay gap, and the distance between owner and consumer are largely to blame. (When the local butcher screwed you, you could ruin his reputation. When a multi-national corporation screws you, who cares?) But as I often […]

Why everyone should care about AOL email hack

April 22, 2014 Bob Sullivan 0

Something has gone horribly wrong with AOL email, and here’s what you need to know. 1) If you get an email from an AOL.com email address, treat it as toxic – even if it appears to comes from a friend. 2) If you have, or had, and AOL email account, […]

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