Cardinals’ ‘hacker’ gets nearly four years in jail (for ‘cheating’ in baseball?) — don’t you be next

July 19, 2016 Bob Sullivan 1

Baseball has long celebrated cheating, but electronic cheating just sent a former team front-office worker to prison for nearly four years. Former St. Louis Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa, who earlier pled guilty to using old passwords to access a former team’s scouting database, was sentenced to 46 months in jail on Monday. Correa broke [Keep reading]

New worries about ransomware — attacking smartphones

July 8, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

There’s been a scary increase in successful ransomware attacks against large organizations this year. Specifically, hospitals have found themselves at the mercy of hackers who demand ransom payments to unlock critical system files. Recently, there have been signs that these criminals have moved on to universities, too. The University of Calgary [Keep reading]

Betty Furness ‘raised the integrity of journalism more than a few notches,’ and I’m proud to receive an award named for her

June 21, 2016 Bob Sullivan 0

Tell the truth: when people say “lifetime service awards,” you think “retirement.”  So it is with mixed feelings that I share with you I will be honored with one on Wednesday.  The Consumer Federation of America, which represents 300 non-profit consumer organizations around the country, will be presenting me with the [Keep reading]

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