In Apple vs. FBI, the U.S. public sides with law enforcement

February 22, 2016 Bob Sullivan 3

Those worried about the U.S. government finding ways to disable encryption in consumer technologies have a lot more explaining to do.  The American public isn’t buying their point of view.  By a wide margin, Americans side with the FBI over Apple in the recent, very public spat over unlocking an iPhone used by one […]

EXCLUSIVE: Hackers continue stealing from Starbucks app users, nearly a year later; linked credit, debit cards at risk

February 16, 2016 Bob Sullivan 13

Hackers are still stealing money from Starbucks customers using a simple attack on the coffee giants’ app users, has learned.  Nearly a year after my initial story exposed widespread attacks on app users’ bank accounts, the security problems plaguing Starbucks’ auto-reload and linked bank account features persist. Starbucks did […]

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