Zelle fraud emergency kit and FAQ

If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably in a bit of shock that your bank account could be drained by a criminal and your bank doesn’t seem to care, or think you are entitled to a “refund.”  In many cases, you are — you just haven’t talked to the right person yet. I’ll try to help.

I’ve been writing about fraud at Zelle — and the mishandling of Zelle fraud claims by big banks — for more than a year now, so if you search for Zelle and fraud on Google, my stories come up.  That means desperate victims who’ve just been robbed, and then rejected by their bank, find my stories and email me looking for help. Their stories are heartbreaking and maddening (like this one!) . On many occasions, far more than I’ve written about on this site, I’ve essentially performed free customer service for these banks, forwarding on emails and helping consumers get refunds.  To better handle all these emails, I’m creating this page to be an ongoing resource for victims as this crime progresses. It’s FAQ style: Skip ahead to what you need.  Hopefully these tips are self-service and your bank will come to its senses with a little extra prodding. If not, feel free to email me and I’ll try to offer additional help. Also, if you’ve managed to get a refund using a technique I don’t mention, please email me and I’ll add your experience to this page.

I look forward to the day I take this page down as it’s no longer necessary. I suspect that will take a while.

What is Zelle? A relatively new person to person payment system backed by hundreds of U.S. banks, including biggies like Bank of America and Chase.  It was created to make sure big banks didn’t lose this side of the banking business to new payment companies like Venmo, popular with young consumers.

Can I use Zelle for anything? No. Zelle is designed to make it easy to give $20 or $40 to a friend to pay an IOU after you have lunch together. Never use it for anything else. Some people use it to pay rent or other larger bills. I think that’s a terrible idea.

I’ve never heard of it. How could I have a Zelle account? You — or someone — has to activate your Zelle account before it can be used to send money. But in reality, most people with an bank account at a Zelle-affiliated bank already have a Zelle “account.”  Criminals are exploiting this confusion, activating Zelle accounts for consumers who’ve never used the service.

Zelle is backed by big banks, so I should expect the same fraud protections I am familiar with, right? NO, NO, NO.  Zelle is not like a credit or debit card. You can’t call a bank and reverse a transaction or dispute a “charge.”  That’s why Zelle should never be used to but concert tickets off Craigslist or to send an AirBnB deposite or anything like that.  If you affirmatively Zelle someone money, and they turn out to be a scammer, you are screwed.

What if my Zelle account is hacked? Ok, this is probably why you are here.  Someone accessed your Zelle account, sent themselves money, and now the bank is telling you that you have no recourse. I hear often from people who say $1,000 or $2,000 has just been taken from their account — shock No. 1 — and then their bank says there’s no way to get that money back — shock N0. 2.  If that doesn’t sound right to you, it’s not.  If your Zelle account was hacked, you are indeed entitled to dispute this authorized transaction, and to get your money back. However, it seems obvious to me that bank employees are poorly trained to deal with this situation (An honest mistake? Intentional negligence? History will decide.).  Many just tell consumers that Zelle is like cash, so there’s nothing that can be done after a fraud. This is wrong. I have this in writing from Zelle.

What if I was deceived into sending money using Zelle?
UPDATE 11/19/21: Many users are telling me they’ve been contacted by someone pretending to be a bank investigator, and manipulated into sending their money via Zelle into a new account — thinking they were protecting themselves. I’ve written about this flavor of the scam here.  The short story: The case for Regulation E protection, and for bank “refunds” is much weaker in this circumstance.

Yea!  I have the law on my side. But so what? I’m still out the money
Here’s some things to know about the process, and things that have worked to pursuade banks to issue refunds in this situation:

You have to wait 10 days: When you dispute a transaction like this, the bank has 10 days to investigate and issue a provisional credit (or not).  This is frustrating, because you might be thinking the bank is just stalling for 10 days before saying no. That might be true.  But you still have to go through the process. If you are a person who lives paycheck to paycheck, this can be awful. I’m sorry.

Don’t just sit around for those 10 days: If you are rejected, the reason will likely be that the bank believes you authorized the transaction. In some cases, that might be true. Maybe you forgot? Maybe you gave your login to a friend? Maybe you are engaging in “friendly fraud?” (Disputing a transaction that you really did authorize just to steal money.  The bank has legitimate reasons to question your dispute.  Start thinking: How can you prove it wasn’t you?  Your detailed cell phone records might help. Start the process of getting them from your cell phone provider.

If the bank rejects you: Ask them for a specific reason for rejection, and get it in writing. Then ask them to reopen the investigation.  They’ll usually do this.  Ask what evidence they are looking for to prove you didn’t authorize the transaction? Ask how and when the transaction was authorized.  Your cell phone records might show you did no such thing at that date and time. Or they might show other suspicious activity — perhaps an unauthorized user was added to your account?

That’s not fair: Yes, it does sound like you are being required to prove your innocence, or even to prove a negative (I didn’t send the money). It will take time. It’s not fair. I’m sorry about that. But until some larger entity (bank regulators, CFPB, where are you???) takes up this cause, you are on your own.

What else? What have I missed? Please write in comments below what has worked, or failed, for you. The quicker we tell people what to do, the quicker people will get their money back.

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  1. My account was hacked in September and someone added themselves to my Zelle list and transferred all my money to there email address. I’ve opened three investigations with USAA and they said that the account was accessed from Russia and they are denying the claim since I could of given my password out which I didn’t. Any ideas on how I can fight this? I’m at the end of my rope here. Thanks!

    • USAA refuses to refund any Zelle transaction. I even filed an IC3 FBI report. I asked for logs, receiving bank, transaction logs and other info all refused to be given to me. Went to the CEOs office she did not care. Broke down every detail how I could hack Zelle. DFIR guy myself and explained how to compromise the whole system. She didn’t care and said too bad. I even asked how they identify an IP address being tunneled to look like a legit US address they said they cannot. The whole thing is ripe for fraud. Hell I could setup something myself and scam all day and not a thing would be done. A class action needs to be filed against them. You need a subpoena to see any logging about any Zelle transaction. I smell a rat somewhere here and think someone is pocketing money for each transaction possibly by percentage.

      • I’m thinking the same thing. I’m gobsmacked that there has not already been a class action suit. It just takes one person to file a class action. If I am not refunded my money by the bank because of the fraud, I hope to find a lawyer who will begin a class action lawsuit. I’d love to start the ball rolling.

  2. I was scammed a few months ago by a fraudulent dog breeder online requesting a deposit through Zelle. Precisely 6 mins after I sent a deposit through Zelle as requested, the recipient claimed their Zelle account was not working right and they requested Moneygram instead.

    Red flags went off and since I had sent the money through a debit card transaction rather than a direct from account transfer (my bank does not promote Zelle), the Zelle app did not allow me to cancel the transaction. There was a cancel transaction button but it did nothing.

    Within 20 mins, I had called Zelle and my own bank to attempt to stop the transaction and both said the same thing, the transaction must go through and then I mist dispute it. The Zelle rep also told me that Zelle should not be used with a person you do not already know and trust, a detail buried deep in the terms and conditions.

    I allowed the transfer to proceed and went to the bank to pursue a fraud complaint the following day. I provided all details of the transaction, the website of the scammer (which I also found on another site called petscams.com the day of he event) and all email communications and text messages, phone number and everything else I had.

    The bank called me a few days later and told me the process could take up to 90 days for a determination. I told the bank I’m willig to wait and in the meantime, I will be sharing my story with the press to help others.

    About 60 days later, I received a letter from the bank, I expected a rejection and was surprised to find a letter notifying me that the money had been deposited into my account.

    My advice, don’t be embarrassed by your stupid mistakes, go to the press. Share your stupid mistake with others, even if you don’t recover your loss, your story could spare others from making the same mistake.

    For the record, I have always been the one skeptical person in my family and job warning others of everything being a scammed. It could happen to any of us. Learn from it, share your story.

    • I just had this same thing happen. I called my bank immediately after realizing the scam. Within an hour. I am told that I willing gave the funds and there’s nothing they can do. What bank do you bank with? I really thought I was safe going through my bank. Zelle is saying my bank has to request the funds back and my bank is saying the opposite.

      • I am having this exact issue! I sent the money through my bank via Zelle and within a few hours discovered the pet breed we was a scam. I can’t reach a person at Zelle and my bank says it won’t reverse charges. So I am out $500!?!?

        • I am so sorry that happened to you. I still haven’t heard back from my claim I started with Zelle and with my bank as well. Both made claims for me but both told me it’s likely I won’t get my money back. I’m so upset no dog & out all that money especially during these times. If I have any luck getting my money I’ll let you know how I did it. To put in a claim I had to hold on the line of my bank for like 2 hours. I think they gave me Zelle number (I’ll look to see if I have it & post it on here for you) I waited for like an hour on hold with Zelle as well.

      • I had the same thing happen just a week ago. I was out of town when this happened someone hacked my account and sent themselves $500 through Zelle. I have never used Zelle and have opened a fraud case with Wells Fargo and awaiting their decision. This was sent to a person that I do not even know. The name they used was , I don’t remember right now but can look to see and get back on it.

        • have you heard anything back about your claim? this is happening with a family member exactly like yours but a lot more money. the bank told them they can’t get it back so trying to find an alternate route or what to do.

      • My situation is with Bank of America. As I am reading in other posts, they claim that unless we can prove the phone was hacked (which is impossible to do), they will not refund the money. I have escalated this to a corporate VP of Customer Relations and I am hoping for something, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

        • How do you contact corporate VP of Customer Relations? My account was hacked earlier this month (11/2021), Zelle transfer used to steal $1,200, and BoA is refusing to credit the money unless I can prove it was hacked. AT&T said they cannot prove anything! I’m not letting this go. How do you get in touch with VP and other upper management?

          • I looked up someone online – not even sure it was the correct person. Her name is Holly O’Neill. holly.oneill@bofa.com She never did respond but someone named Kayla McFarren called me. I did not get her phone or email, unfortunately. She was very nice and professional but she said the same thing. Unless I could prove the phone was hacked, which I cannot, they cannot help me. I explained that the bank should be protecting me due to the The Electronic Funds Transfer Protection Act, but all she could do was apologize and no help. I do not plan on giving up. There was a good online news report out of San Fran (7 on your side) that gave some tips that I plan to follow up on. But you should contact Holly as well. The more they hear from us, the better chance we may have.

      • I ended up getting my bank to do a fraud thing. They said it would take 60 to 90 days if successful at all. I told them I will be filing a police complaint and speaking with the press while they proceed with the fraud process. I ended up getting my money bank from the bank.

        Be nice to the person you speak with at your bank but make sure they know you are willing to get the media involved to educate others about scams of this nature.

        • I was puppy scammed and the Bank said sorry after an investigation , I started already writing to The white house my senators you name it , but I didn’t tell the bank yet so what should I do

    • I attempted to buy tickets online thinking these two people were honest and especially after seeing proof of the tickets through Instagram messaging. Do you think I’ll have a chance in recovering that money if I’m honest to a Zelle rep? Or will they said I willingly gave it away and I’m screwed..

  3. After reading your and other articles about Zelle, and being a security-oriented person myself, I called my bank, BoA, and got them put into my account record that I would never ever use Zelle and if somehow a Zelle transaction was made against my account, BoA should immediately reject the transaction. Ostensibly, they understood and did what I requested, and will do what I requested if it ever occurs. I’ve also shared your post here on FB.

  4. My Zelle story: I used my BOA app to set up a recipient by cell#, to which I sent 3 transfers, none of which went to the BOA account of the recipient. They reportedly went to the BOA account of someone who held the same phone number over 7 years earlier, the number this third party may have registered with Zelle previously, without later correction!

    Apparently BOA does no cross-checking of account contact numbers with Zelle registration, either in their app or in the notification process. There is also no check for redundancy in the software or in the transfer system.

    The transfer text message went to the intended recipient, but the money went to the account of the previous owner of the same phone number. Again, no verification process. The BOA app blithely showed the transfers were successful, even though the recipient name that was set up, the actual account holder names, and working phone numbers do not match! There is no code number or reply verification in the setup process, as is commonly used by other types of cell/software transactions that do not involve people’s money.

    3 visits to a local BOA branch for assistance, and many calls to technical support resulted in BOA’s eventual recognition of the problem, and their suggestion that I, get this: “hire a lawyer to subpoena” the name of the unintended account holder that by law, they cannot reveal to me. This means I will have to sue the bank for legal fees, which will total way more than the amount falsely tendered.

    First takeaway: There need to be regulations applied to this industry ASAP, and as a former programmer, may I suggest that there need to be a few app designers in the unemployment line.

    Based on what I read on the Zelle.com website, and in the BOA app instructions, there is no way I could have foreseen this happening, and there is no incentive for either party in the transaction to become accountable for their incompetence, or for the damages to the innocent parties involved.

    The failure of the bank to supervise and/or correct the misdirection of my money resulted in the recipient being stuck at an airport in a snowstorm thousands of miles away, with no money in their account for transportation. There were additional charges for attempts to check the account balance several times from a third party ATM, that resulted in a negative account balance.

    None of this seems to matter to BOA, who considers my claim to be “resolved.” It also doesn’t seem to bother Zelle.com, to whom I have also written (Zelle doesn’t take calls from users of bank front-end apps, even though it recommends that people use them when available).

    Of course, due to the design and implementation of the BOA on-line banking software, the money was removed lickety-split from my account at the time of the transfer. Some of the money has been missing for over 5 months. If the money can be debited that quickly through this electronic medium, it shouldn’t take an act of Congress to get it back just as easily when I warrant that it was misdirected.

    OK, if they want an act of Congress, maybe I can arrange for that. I’ve made that happen before. In the meantime, they can expect to pay legal fees, other costs and penalties for issues including the holding/mishandling of my funds, misleading documentation, the inconvenience experienced by the intended and unintended recipients, my wasted time, and penalties for malfeasance and/or violation of the public trust.

    In this case, the Bank, Zelle, and the unintended recipient all know, or should have known, that my money has been fraudulently handled by all of them. In addition, BOA has removed the recipient from my account’s Zelle setup info without my permission, perhaps in an attempt to mask their bungled transactions (that’s ok, I printed them out). In the bank’s opinion, this is over. In my opinion, we’re just getting started.

  5. I noticed a zelle transaction and immediately called boa. While I was on the phone 3 more…$2500 total. They denied the claim even though I called while the transactions were pending! They didn’t even send me a claim denial email so I would know. I called every Monday for a week checking up on my claim. After I learned it was denied by calling…they suggested I ho yo geek squad to prove my computer was hacked. Greek squad couldn’t prove anything and was surprised boa suggested them. Basically i lost $2500 and there is nothing i can do about it

  6. Hi Bob,
    Just read your article on Zelle.
    My wife & I are in our 60’s & I found a zelle transfer “pending” for $2500.00 the other day so I called the bank, BoA, & they said even though it was still pending there was nothing they could do about it.
    They said we needed to close our accounts at bofa & open new ones, so we did.
    Thing is other payments that were “pending” were returned so now we have late charges on bills we were paying as well.
    Again bofa says too bad.
    They gave me the phone number of where our money went so I called the guy & he claimed he did not know the money came from us he thought he was being paid for a bitcoin sale from some one else & has spent the money.
    We have used zelle to pay our rent, (our landlord insist on it), but that is all once a month. We will now pay in cash.
    The person our money went to is not on our pay to list either.
    In the meantime BofA is “investigating it”.
    One of the people we talked to at bofa said since we did not authorize the transfer bofa will have to refund our money, but I am skeptical because others there said it happens & there is nothing they can do about it.
    $2500.00 is a LOT to us as we are on fixed incomes.
    Do you think there is any chance they will refund our money?
    Thanks for listening, & thanks for trying to warn others, wish I would have seen your article & listened to my gut instincts in the first place.

    • If you ever need a professional to help you recover your bitcoin or funds either stolen simply reach ‘PERFECT WALLET RECOVERY HART G M a i ! . he is a professional recovery agent who recently recovered 500,000USD worth of Bitcoin Stolen from a friends wallet. he does not charge a penny until after the job is done.

      • Christofer hello.Are he really did not charge from you any upront payment? He charge from me not little payment and i am not recovered yet from him.

  7. This has been going on with my account for 2 months. Illegal checks and then Zelle transfers totaling almost $4,000. I have been getting the run around and denied, at this point, three times. I have done all the due diligence, figured out where all the activity has come from, contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and been told it is my fault. I am going to have to go to small claims court to get this resolved. There has to be something we can do…Bob, help us.

  8. I use Zelle to send my landlord rent every month, 2500.00.
    its that or cash, (& yes it is cash now).

    but some one sent 2500 to a person in florida from my account.
    The name or number are not on the list of people who I send money to. or in the history of people I sent money to.
    The bank denied my claim because they said it was the same device that sent other payments? it is not possible.
    was my phone cloned?

    The bank gave me the number of the person the money was sent to, I called him & he said he thought the money came from someone he sold bitcoins too, I realize he is porb lying.
    he claims he spent the money & no longer has it, & if he paid it back then he would be out 2500.00.
    He said he will explain to the bank & give then all the info he has if it will help but the bank will not even call to investigate.

    I reopened the claim but they said without documentation they will probably deny it again.
    I asked what kind of documentation can I provide but they said they did not know.
    I’m probably out 2500.00

    • The person in FL is lying and 99% guaranteed stole your money. Why? It’s simple logic. Because his excuse does not make any sense. If he sold bitcoins to someone and thought your money was payment for that, then he was ripped off by the bitcoin buyer who did not pay. It is the FL person’s responsibility to get that payment, not yours to pay it. Or, if the bitcoin buyer DID pay, then the FL person was paid twice and likewise is a thief. Either way it makes no sense and you should notify Zelle, notify your bank and notify the person in FL that you are calling the cops, both in your state and in FL. And call them! Zelle fraud has got to stop. (And while you’re making the calls, call your Congress person. If you’re on Facebook, post there, with Public visibility.

    • And ask your landlord if he has a PayPal account. Although PayPal passwords were stolen several years ago, as far as I know there’s no fraud equivalent to Zelle’s constant fraud. Paypal is the way to go. There is also TransferWise, which has not been hacked as far as I know. Talk to your landlord about changing transfer mechanisms.

    • This is crazy!! How can we catch these people receiving the money?!! Police won’t do anything!! My BOA account was hacked and a person was added to list of Zelle recipients Called her and she admitted to receiving the money and then sending it to cash app to an unknown caller. She gave me the number and when I called they admitted to receiving it! So basically we know who the thieves are and can’t do anything about it!! I

  9. I sent the guy money for products but he never sent me
    My products and the banks say they can’t do nothing because the money is gone out of the account and didn’t even open an investigation. I am filing a police report also.

  10. I had $1450.00 taken out by zelle? without my knowledge, I actually dont know what Zelle is!! The bank said to bad so sad so I am moving to another bank a posting this all over our facebooks so others are aware of what can happen!!
    This was a brand new account!!!!

  11. Someone send me a payment and alse said there was more money to give it to the people who works for her so when i got the check I noticed It was $1500 and told me to send that money to someone through zelle so i did and when I noticed the bank was charging me that money and I called them and asked them if they can get that money back, I’m not sure yet they said they will decide the investigation in 45 days but i have a feeling they’ll say i have to pay that. What can i do?

  12. Bob. Please help.
    I have sold 2 different macbooks to same guy and received the money through zelle to my bofa.
    Then, Bofa closed my account without giving any details.
    They say, the person who did the transfer later disputed it and bofa took $2.500 back from my account.
    Anything i can do about it?

  13. I read the posts people have on here. I’m also someone who was scammed out of a puppy. I thiught I was purchasing a puppy for $605 & then when they had her on a flight to me she stopped in VA & needed a better air flowing crate rented for $350 abd was 95% refundable upon delivery. Of course there was no delivery it went on to ask for $400 for pet insurance & then I knew I was scammed. I’m out $995 live paycheck to paycheck so it hurts extra. Single mother of 2 disappointed boys because there was no dog. I used Zelle to make my payments. I put in a claim with Zelle and my bank but they both said I’m likely not getting my money back. Any suggestions on what I can do to get it back?

    • My bank does not endorse Zelle so the transaction was processed as a Visa transaction. Can call fraud for Visa and threaten both Visa and your bank to go to the press. My bank successfully got my bullshit puppy deposit back after those steps.

      • Dana how did you go to the press? I was scammed into sending 2,000 through Zelle and the bank / Zelle is offering no protection even though I told them I was deceived and notified immediately even when the transaction is still “pending”

  14. How did you get BofA to give you the phone number of the person who received your money ? They told me they don’t have that info.

  15. 4/15/2020 Some crook enrolled me in Zelle yesterday. I didn’t know till I saw the welcome email and an email about a $500 transaction. I looked at my bank account and saw an unknown phone listed in as an authorized device. I removed the rogue phone and changed my password. This morning I can no longer reach my account. It says it is locked due to repeated wrong login attempts. The recover password option fails. I suspect they changed my username. I’m into my 3rd hour on hold with my bank. Kinda worried.

  16. Someone transferred 10000$ from my BOA saving account as 6 different transactions from 9th march to 13 march by Zelle. I filled my report to BOA on 15th march and the BOA denied my claim saying I shared id and password.

    Unfortunately, when these transactions were happening I was out of states and could not catch them immediately after first.

    Please help me!!


      • Hi Maneesh!!!

        Congratulations to back your money after long process.

        And Thank you very much for share the experience.

        You’re my angel.

        scamer stole money through zelle by chase.
        Chase says deny bc share ID and password too.

        I’d be so appreciate if you could help to share your experience. How did you claim after bank denied?

        I can‘t sleep bc not many have success like you.

        Look forward your response.
        Thank you again.

  17. I feel like committing suicide so frustrated with my life. My hard-earned money was stolen and the bank of America will do nothing.

    • I am happy to report that after all the details investigation finally, BOA deposited back my 10,000$ to the account. Many thanks, Bob for help this out.

      • What did you have to do and what was the process. I’m happy to hear you were given your money back. I had 2k taken from my account and my bank is denying the claim stating I authorized it, so rediculous. I just finished nursing school and funds are incredibly low. My online banking was completely backed and a zelle account was made on my behalf. I never had zelle nor use zelle.

    • Maneesh Namaste You can reach out. You are not alone. Suicide is not an option. I think we may have a class action here..Y

      • Oh cool I see there was justice for Maneesh :}
        Have any class actions been made against the big banking cartel /zelle?
        i just got scammed trying to get a Nintendo Switch Lite for by son..
        The Lord Guided my lil feet to this website. I will try Bob’s ideas.
        BLESS, Y

  18. We have been hacked by amazon employees.They first hacked our amazon account and then stole our debit card number and stole money from our bank account. The bank is not helping. I like to find way to get my money back. I am 72 years old. Please write to me.

  19. I was a victim of a puppy scam. I stupidly paid for the transportation of 2 puppies in the amount of $450.00. They then said I need to put a refundable deposit on some air conditioned crates. and I did to the tune of $1200. The following morning I was contacted to pay $1500 in insurance which they said is refundable. that’s when the alarm bells went off. I worked in the insurance industry and I know that insurance is not refundable. I tried to contact my bank and local authorities and both of them blew me off. I filled out the forms provided by the bank but all I got is “these is nothing they can do” I would appreciate any help or advice I can get. I have reported it to the FBI on the advise of a retired police officer friend.

  20. I got scammed back in April. I sold an item that was originally listed on eBay. The buyer sent me a message with a phone number asking if the item was still for sell which I had missed. I sent them a text and we arranged something via PayPal, which so happened turned out to be a fake PayPal. He had a problem and supposedly had a double payment pulled so I needed to send him the difference. When I tried to use PayPal it didn’t work. I received an email from a fake PayPal overseer who advised me to use a p2p payment like Zelle instead. This happened again with a penalty fee and when he accidentally put my email in the flags that were raised already were waiving in my face. So I contacted people and found out everything I had received from PayPal was indeed fake and there were really no held funds. I submitted a report with IC3 and contacted my banks and PayPal about what had happened. My banks response was simple because it was a person to person transfer sent by me they wouldn’t do anything about it. One bank I just took the hit but the other adds up to $1,850. So I opened a dispute and re-stressed that the issue was about being scammed. I didn’t have high expectations but it was at least another. I received the letter response from that stating the same thing and to take up the issue with the person who received the funds. I called them and they told me to talk to Zelle and open a dispute and follow certain steps which I can not find anywhere. I had never touched Zelle before outside using it attached to my bank account so I have no prior information on it. At this moment everything is just pointing to you got scammed and are out the money. If anyone has an idea of what to do please let me know.

  21. how do i report fake website that scam in put it out there bird for 700 i paid thru zelle it says on website to pay that way now no answer no bird no money
    https://www.samanthaparrotstore.com/faq/ then shipping people told me needed special cage in thats when i knew something was up didnt pay the extra money but lost my 700 thru zelle zelle dont answer say call bank said nothing they can do

  22. I was scammed by a fake lender asking me to send collateral payments on a loan I was approved for. I am really embarrassed to say that despite the fact that I’m usually much smarter and skeptical of obvious scams of these sorts, that day I was scammed out of $3100. I filed a police report, a zelle scam report, as well as one with my bank. At this time I doubt anyone of those will get me my money back considering they all made it clear that since I authorized the transactions, it’s hard to recover. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  23. Hi Bob,
    I am emailing you regarding a situation that happened to me while using chase zelle pay. I am looking to get your advice on this situation to see if there is anything I can do.

    I logged onto chase.com to make a transaction and I typed in the wrong username. My account said it was then locked due to an unfamiliar location and security reasons. On the chase website it said to call this 800 number to unlock my account. Well, I called the number that was on the screen of the chase webpage and it directed me to a gentleman who was posing as a chase representative who said in order to unlock my accounts for security reasons I needed to make quick pays to the chase verification team. In any other circumstances I would be wary about making these trial transactions but the number was on the chase website. Fast forward. I am out of a lot of money and chase said they can’t do anything about it because I initiated the transactions. Do you have any information for me to go about this to get my money back? I appreciate it.

  24. I was scammed by a cat breeder on Sunday July 19 2020. I paid $450 and she disappeared and didn’t answer my text and Emails. On Tuesday I called to my bank and report it then called to Zelle and report it. I want to file a claim but they told me we only can report and do nothing else. zelle told me they will investigate and can’t file dispute. can you please help me bob to get my money back?

  25. I got scammed using Zelle. I sent money to a person who stated they could retrieve my FB account after it was closed. Turned out to be a scam. Just got off the phone with Wells Fargo. It looks like I am not getting my money back. Not sure if there’s anything else I can do or if I am SOL.

    • Wells Fargo did not refund my money on that transaction. That said I authorized it and I am stuck with it even though I was scammed out of that money. I don’t get that part.

  26. I got scammed out of my last money, which my parents sent me for me to pay my rent. I was scammed by someone who told me they were from “ICE” and made some serious threats over the phone that sent into anxiety attack and from that point onwards, I wasn’t bale to think straight. I ended up transferring them $690 and then $500 and the first one didn’t go through, but it looks like the second one did, although I did receive a text from Zelle saying that it didn’t go through and it will be refunded. I wasn’t re-funded. The rent is due tomorrow and I really do not know what to do. The leasing office is not very friendly about this, although I do have a police report on hand and all evidence of me being scammed. I filed a claim with Zelle on 3 days ago and I am going to update here if their investigation will yield any results.

  27. I was scammed for $3500 through Zelle! My bank ( of america) got a text message said someone was buying an iPhone for $765 on my account call customer immediately with the 877 # provided. So I did this guy reassured me he would fix it and get my money refunded. So I did what he was telling me to do. He had me install an app on my playstore called team Viewer which I unknowingly found it makes him able to take control of my phone. I was at work when this all happened so I’m just trying to get it resolved quickly. He had me go to my Amazon then to my bank app , then I started seeing Zelle being used! I immediately hung up, uninstalled the app, and called my bank’s fraud number. Canceled my debit card, froze my checking account and changed log in info. Bank told me 10-45 days for the claim process. About 12 days later I get an email from them saying my claim is denied. There reason was my phone that I use my online banking with was used. I had explained to them he took over my phone. I’ve used Zelle maybe 4 times and it was to my family and definitely not anywhere close to the amount’s this guy did. And this guy (within 2 weeks after the scam)also tried to write 3 separate checks with my name, address and forged signature on them totaling almost $13,000! Called my bank immediately , they pretty much didn’t care because they were through my frozen account and he wasn’t able to cash them is what they told me. No it’s not alright! I can’t believe I trusted this bank with my money that I worked hard for to save. I even sent them 17 pages worth of proof. The text message, time I called the 877#, how long I was on the phone with him, time the app was installed, the info on the app, a bunch of reviews of other people that were scammed through the same app., time the Zelle payments were taken, I showed I called the bank right after I realized it was a scam. Like everything I could possibly use to show this proof. So no they still denied my claim and it’s been so upsetting and devastating to me. I’ve never been scammed before and it’s not fair I can’t have my money back that I didn’t ok to be stolen from me.

  28. hi Bob, thanks for this platform and not sure knowing I was not the only one makes me feel better for this awful situation.Actually no.it is terrible and illegal against the customer’s will.I am still pissed off by what happened on Zelle and my bank.The whole dispute process has been so exhausting from one phone line to another and being told the dispute cannot be retreated as there is no balance left on that bank account my number linked to in that month.

    I’ve been using Zelle since Aug 2019 and had transaction with my friends.Found out I didn’t receive her transaction to me during 2020 July.called our banks and Zelle, believe me, Zelle cares NOTHING.My friend’s bank refuse to dispute.She did whatever she could do but we were told that my phone number was linked to some chase bank account during the period she transfer.They said I gave the verification otherwise it would not unenroll my bank and enroll with another one.I have no right to talk to chase bank as I am not their user.Totally screwed.

    It is not that huge amount of money but still, it is a lot for me.Also It is such an awful experience to deal with this especially when its not your fault.But I dont know who to blame,I DEFINITELY rant for Zelle’s fraud act but how should I get my money back?They said I gave the authorization for enrolling with that scam chase account.But they told me I should contact the phone carrier to check or trace the verification code they send(come on!!)
    Probably I Should ask a lawyer??Totally pissed and devastated.

  29. Please help and let me know if there is anything else I can do. I was stupidly a victim of a PayPal email scam. I had listed a wedding dress for sale on Facebook and the purchaser said the money would be sent via PayPal. I received a (fake) email from PayPal saying the $500.00 was pending and gave instructions on shipping the dress (which I did, but was lucky enough to catch it in time with Fed Ex and get it returned to me). A few hours later I received another email from this fake PayPal that the money had not been credited yet, that there were technical problems and would be corrected soon. Then nearing 5:00 I received another fake PayPal email saying my limit was high enough so the purchaser sent another $500.00 so now $1,000.00 was being held for me but I needed to send $500.00 back to the purchaser via Zelle. I opened a Zelle account and ended up sending $400.00 in 2 transactions, thankfully it wouldn’t let me send the rest. Shortly thereafter I realized it was a scam but bank was closed. Tried calling PayPal but everything was automated due to Covid. Called the bank the next morning and asked that the 2 charged be returned as they were obtained under fraudulent circumstances. They said to email the details (I had emails and a phone number and names) and they would forward to their fraud department, which I did. This happened Sept 15/16. Now on Oct 6 I get an email from the bank saying nothing they can do because I did the transactions. Is there any other way to get my money back? Also, I did not see any way to “close” my Zelle account so I deleted the app and closed the debit card associated with it. Have I done enough regarding Zelle prevent any other fraudulent transactions? I will NEVER use Zelle again, ever, for anything.

  30. Bob, I too was scammed. Please tell me what I can do. So far I have reported the scam to the FBI, the DPUC and the Federal Trade Commission. Citizens Bank has refused to reimburse me. Here is my story.On Tuesday September 15, 2020, I received a phone call from a Mr. Mark Thompson who identified himself as an employee of Eversource. Mr. Thompson informed me that my Eversource bill was overdue and unless I paid my overdue balance within 30 minutes, my electricity would be disconnected. This individual knew the exact amount I owed on my Eversource bill. As a remote worker for a prestigious Research & Development organization, I certainly could not afford to have this done. Initially Mr. Thompson asked that I make this payment using the Cash App. The amount owed on my bill was $415.74 but he told me there was a finance charge to avoid shut-off so the payment would be $498.10. I had difficulty processing this payment using this application as the transaction failed 4 times. I was then transferred to a Mr. Robert Mendez who asked me if I had access to the Zelle App. I was not aware of what this application was and he stated that it is an App that some banks provide to their customers through online banking to pay bills. When he learned that my account was with Citizens Bank he said that Citizens Bank does offer Zelle to its customers. He then told me to log into my online banking account to process this payment using the Zelle App. The first transaction was processed in the amount of $498.10 but it showed up as a failed transaction. The second time he had me make a payment for $415.74 as he was only charging me what was actually due on my bill because the transaction was taking so long. Once completed, the transaction showed as pending. He told me to call him back the next day to ensure the payment went through. The next day, September 16th, I called Mr. Robert Mendez back. At that time, I alerted him that both payments were processed through Zelle. He then said he would reimburse me for $498.10 twice but that the reimbursements had to be done individually. He walked me through the process to be reimbursed for 2 payments of $498.10. Both were listed as pending. Robert told me to call him back the next day to ensure the transactions went through. The next day, September 17th, I realized that all 4 payments through Zelle went through and that the reimbursement was not a reimbursement at all but additional payments. Additionally, I also realized that 1 payment using the Cash App went through as well in the amount of $498.10. Immediately, I felt sick to my stomach and realized I had been scammed by Mr. Mark Thompson and Mr. Robert Mendez. I called Citizens Bank that day to inform them of what happened and an investigation was initiated. A few days later, I received a letter from Karen, an employee of Citizens Bank who works in the Electronic Banking Operations Department. The letter stated that Citizens Bank would not be reimbursing me for $1910.04 because they were transactions I had authorized. I called the bank immediately to speak to Karen about this but I could not reach her. Instead I spoke to an employee by the name of Devon Kite. He told me there was nothing further that could be done. Clearly, I was outraged. I feel stupid that I was fooled by these scam artists and I feel betrayed by Citizens Bank.

  31. Hello I was scammed yesterday (11/10/2020) buying a Maine Coon kitten online. Attached is what I sent to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I have also made a dispute with my bank Chase (who endorses Zelle), and with Zelle.

    While searching online to purchase a kitten, I found a website that seemed very cretiable “www.kittymainecoon.com”. I reached out to them on 11/10/2020 for an inquiry on a Maine Coon kitten named “Queen”. Later that night I send payment $700, for the kitten, and another $120, for the shipping of the kitten with a nanny to make sure the kitten would be looked after and taken care of. The night of 11/10/2020 I sent a total of $820.00 US dollar through Chase Zelle, thinking the kitten would be delivered today 11/11/2020. This morning I recieved an email on the kittens tracking which took me to a website “https://marmlogexp.com/index.php/track-your-shipment/”, to which I was given a tracking number of “MGL0022240776”, when put in came up with all my information, delivery address, and the information on the kitten. About a half hour later I was told the kitten did not have all of the proper shots to fly which would cost me $270, and that I needed a special air carried for $635.00. At this point I was called multiple times (from 1-919-293-1227 Creedmor, NC) telling me to pay the $905.00 immediately or else my kitten would not be shipped. At this point I looked up the breeders number and saw it was from eastern Kansas (913-213-0529), which started to make me this this was a scam. After telling the breeder I would reimburse him/them once the kitten was delivered, they told me no and that I should pay or else the kitten will not be delivered to me. After that I asked for my money back and have not heard from them since… I am now worried because these unidentified people have have all of my information; address, phone number, and email.

    • Identical experience here. Paid $820 then wanted $905 more for special shots and crate.
      Marmlogexp.com web site exists, not the company (address is a mail drop in a mall in Charolette, NC.)

    • Thank goodness i found this before we, too, were scammed! When I got the “Zelle” information, red flags were waving…account name did not match the e-mail address, and that e-mail address did not match the “cattery” e-mail. Glad i found this site.

  32. It’s pretty clear NOBODY SHOULD EVER BUY PUPPIES over the Internet USING ZELLE. And it’s pretty clear nobody should every buy cats over the Internet using Zelle. And it is totally clear NOBODY SHOULD EVER USE ZELLE! It is a scammer’s paradise of a poor, sieve-like application. JUST DON’T USE ZELLE!

    And as far as bluespringes goes, it is interesting that the various commenters who’ve mentioned it here spell it the same way, with a space before the “.com.” I noticed on another site that a different person making a similar comment about it even omitted the “com” but kept the space after “springes .” Furthermore, the site is registered in Lithuania by Registrar: Hostinger, UAB, with the registrar’s phone number of +37064503378, also Lithuania. Yet the company claims an address of 1500 5th St., Sacramento. Maybe there is a company out there that can retrieve money scammed via Zelle, that the FBI and banks and PayPal cannot retrieve. Would I trust Bluespringes? I don’t think so. And do I trust Zelle. NEVER!

  33. How do we contact Bob Sullivan? I see lots of posts here and no responses from Bob. He says email him for help, but I don’t see his email address.

    • I would also like to know how to get in contact with Bob. I see lots of comments about bluespringes.com, but they seem a little sket CB y and not positive if it is legit.

      A man asked to borrow my phone to make a phone call and was acting frantic and in need of help. I said yes, because I am a decent human. He began to try and take off with my phone. Once I had recovered the phone, the man took off and I immediately noticed he sent himself $1000 on my zelle. I have the mans number now, but it’s been little help. I’ve called chase and they said they will open an investigation. I’m just concerned after hearing about all of these horror stories. In no way was this authorized and under the electronic funds transfer act, I should be covered. I’m hoping they do right by me. But could use any advice/reassurance at the moment.

  34. It’s easy to find me. Just look on my ‘about’ page. Every one of these comments is heartbreaking. Everything I know at the moment is on this page, but I read every comment and I’m always thinking about new ways to help.

  35. How can we group together to sue! I was scammed and tried to stop payment or dispute to get my money back and they just laugh and say only use Zelle with family!!! This is BS scammers are good at what they do and we should be able to have protection from them!

  36. I was selling a mattress on craigslist for $150. I received an email from an interested buyer. I have his phone #. I contacted him over the phone and he said that he is out of for work but will send cashier’s check via mail. I was ok with that as I wasn’t aware of the cashier’s check scams on craigslist. He sent a cashier’s check of $1950 and mentioned that his assistant created this check to pay the movers $1800 once check is deposited. So, I deposited the check on 12/24/2020 and waited for the money to be available. On Monday afternoon 12/28/2020, the money was available in my account. He messaged me to inquire if the money is available to which I said yes. So, he gave me the address to send $1800 ($1950 – $150 of mattress) to the movers via Zelle. I did that through my bank BofA, which has the option to send money using Zelle. The next day, I looked at my account and found that the check was fake. I texted him to return the $1800. I called my bank to report this. I filed a case of fraud but today they said that since I approved the txn, nothing can be done. They re-opened the case on my request to try to get the money back as part of scam. I should expect an answer in 60 days but I am not much hopeful here. I have also filed on other sites like CFPB, IC3, ReportFraud.ftc.gov. I have yet to hear back from them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Sajid, I had the same exact thing happen to me on Jan. 13. From Craigslist, to the cashier’s check to everything else you mentioned. My bet is it’s the same person/group. I filed the same reports as you. My bank and Zelle will not help me. What are your next steps?

      • I contacted the bank as well as Zelle. I went to the police. In the end, they all said that I won’t get my money back. I left bad feedback to Zelle on consumer reports. But I don’t think there is anything we can do unfortunately.

  37. Td bank will not reimburse me my $1000 after providing them with all paper proof and them admitting my account was accessed through a IP no way possible that could have been me. I swear these crooks are bank workers themselves or friends and family of them because they have the phone calls down to a script and sound just like the real fraud department. Anyway I got a phone call that matched td bank fraud line number saying that a pending zelle charge and 3 other charges were being made from Texas and asking if I was authorizing this I stated no and then they promised to refund my account for the zelle charge I just had to confirm a text message. I’m usually smart with these things but I must have been off this day and the person on the phone sounded just as a real employee any way I confirmed the text thinking it was a refund when it was actually a payment to the scammer. I realized less then 2 minutes later when they tried to get another $1500 from me and I immediately put them on hold and dialed out the incoming number and got the real td fraud line. In the meantime while I was on the phone with the real fraud line the spoofed number that comes up as td bank fraud number calls and I have a missed call. I provided all proof and called within 2 minutes of the zelle transfer and it’s ridiculous that a transaction that is caught within minutes can not be frozen or on hold. It’s sad especially in the time of COVID and all the struggles that I’m robbed of $1000 and the bank won’t help. I been with them for over 15 years with 3 accounts and a credit card and they denied my claim 2 times. Is there anything I can do I’ve filed police reports internet crime reports fbi reports sent in emails and phone records screenshots of texts and they refuse to admit it was a scam just keep saying even though it was a scam I authorized it when responding to the text. Can anyone help please?

    • Hi there. I see people are desperate but somehow too paralyzed to move to action. Maybe a few people can start to organize a plan of action Currently there is a Class Action against Bank of America for the EDD FRAUD.

  38. i was sent $3500.00 accidentally by a pers0n trying to scam me., I contacted the bank and disputed but now they say i cannot keep the money Is this coprrectnobody has filed a claaim for the money so why can’t is be mine??

  39. I was scammed by an instagram person faking a celebrity i talked with this scammer 8 months via WhatsApp and I sent money to them via paypal then I was coheres to give my banking login and from there they hustled me out of my 13k from the unemployment money they said oh i routed money to your account and never gave me time to verify that was my unemployment money. They where really patient with me and waited 8 months for my payment then i exposed them…by video on WhatsApp. They asked me to bitcoin the money via atm. But for the timely intervention of Mr Emend James, who just in nick of time got back my $13000. He is really good at what he does, i have recommended him to friends and co workers who all became satisfied customers. He has helped me alot in the trading industry, you can reach him at @ Emendrecovery .com for Everything.

    • Hello peter. Can you please give us the emails of others who Mr James has helped and became satisfied customers as you mention, or give us a link to your WhatsApp video so we can see what this instagram person did? I get a Bad Gateway error when I go to the URL you’ve provided. Is his email @emendrecovery or @gmail? Are you often contacted by celebrities or was this the first time? If often, do they always ask you for money? You’re a very generous person. How often do you give others your banking login credentials?

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  41. Hi , I got scam from tutor.com , I am a tutor and I did sign up to provide sessions but I end up losing money because I received a check for a larger amount and that person said that the other half is for his aid , and his lawyer write the wrong amount, so when I got the check , deposit it then send him back the other rest from zelle , I did that , then later at night I realized that it was a fraud check and $0 money , but I did sent him the money back from zelle , I was so stupid , I could not sleep well for two days thinking about it, I call the bank and they said there is not possible to get the money back because is my fault that I sent it to a stranger, but I didn’t know it was a scam! I know is my fault but the fraud department from the bank should investigate this and make some action because If they don’t do anything, there will be more victims like me and the scammer will keep doing that. This is a serious problem and zelle is really an irresponsible because they should take action and follow up .

  42. You can now recover all you lost to scammers. The most important thing is not backing down and making sure you talk to the right people concerning your recovery. This team is incredible and will definitely recover what you lost and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Send a mail to support @ corecrypto . tech.

  43. I am a victim of a scam, sent $5,489.70 through my cell phone to whom I thought was a bank of America rep. I received a text on 3/30/21 from who i though was bank of America. the texted asked me if i attempted a to make large transfers to which i responded no 3 times. Then i received a phone call from a called id which said bank of America on my phone, the person stated that they needed a code that they just sent to me, i gave them the code and then the rep. asked me to send the following amounts to their number, which i did because they told me that i was sending the money back to myself. I got another call back from the scam stating that they needed me to go into my bank of America app and resend the money back to myself. the scam told me that i should be getting a new debit card via mail and that it would arrive the next day. on the date that the card was so supposed to arrive i didn’t get anything so i decided to call bank of America myself and when i spoke to a rep. they told me that it was a fraud and that they will investigate and they told me to file a police report which i did.. its been 30 days since this situation i called BOF today and they t old me that my claim was declined. i honestly don’t even know what to do with my self, that is a lot of money that i need for rent & etc. I asked why is was declined they stated that because i followed the correct procedure to send the money. WHAT I D ON’T UNDERSTAND WHT THAT HAS TO DO WITH ANYTHING I GOT SCAMMED I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET MY MOENY BACK PERIOD. somebody please help me, i don’t know what ot do with my self.

      • Hello, I was a victim of an online scam and lost $7,500 in January 2021. BoA will not help me because I authorized the Zelle transactions. Have you initiated the Class Act against BoA? I hope there’s something we can do to stop this. There are many victims that fall for these scams. I trusted my bank to process the transactions expecting some type of protection, yet they have given me their back.

        • I also used BoA and Zelle transactions and lost $7500… They did nothing for me. Can you tell me more about the Class Act against BoA?

      • How do we do this? I had the same thing just happen to me. The money was taken via Zelle. $3400 right after I got off work this scammer called me & I contacted Erica on the mobile app right before… I didn’t question it since I voiced my concerns via mobile app prior to the call from BOfA. I definitely think BofA is in on it. I also have a witness for this…

      • I am going to BOfA with everyones names listed on this website to show proof that I have people working on a Class Action. Please contact me! Mother of 2, I works my a** off & these scammers/ fraudsters messed with the wrong mama bear. I will be notifying the press. & recording my interaction & posting on Twitter tmrw.

        • Any updates on this situation? Any suit filed or updates from Bank of America? I was a victim as well, lost thousands and the bank isn’t even responding to my claim. They told me that the money when to a Chase bank account and what I really want to know is who’s Chase account and why they can’t get it back. Chase isn’t offering any information unless a lawsuit is filed.

          • Hey Imma Single Mum too but am stuck at Chase. You are the first person on these threads that I have read is willing to go into action mode. I would be willing to launch a class action to work in cadence but don’t have a clue how to begin. I can also be reached at malcolmx1111@gmail.com

        • I would like to be part of any Class Action suit against BoA. I’ve written about my situation but I (really, my daughter) lost $1500 through Zelle via unauthorized transactions to Chase. She called immediately to report the fraud and still, they refuse. This happened on 3/31/21.

        • I would like to be a part of a Class Action suit against BoA as well. I was the victim of a scam where an unauthorized Zelle transfer for $3,420 was made from my Bank of America account. It was a phone scam where I was fooled into providing my login and a Zelle authorization(they logged into my account from another device) to a phone caller stating that they worked for Bank of America. The phone scammers called from Bank of America’s 1800-432-1000 number and provided text information to my phone which led me to believe that they were legitimate. My husband and I tried to call Bank of America numerous times during this scam but couldn’t get through to the bank to confirm if this was valid.
          I subsequently filed a claim with Bank of America but just yesterday it was rejected.

    • I fell for this exact same scam it’s devastating. I’m sorry. I’m trying to get an attorney to help me recover my $3400

  44. Someone scammed me using any desk app they asked for remote access to my phone and began making zelle transactions took 3,600 from me. I called usaa bank and they did nothing for me. They said I authorized permission to access my phone once I downloaded the app. I don’t know what else to do or who to talk to

    • Wow the govt imposter scammer who scammed my $7500 also used the same app… My bank did not do anything either. It is a bullshit.

  45. I was scammed by a Norton360 email on May 4th. The scammers made two $1,000 transactions via Zelle through my US Bank Account. I had never heard of Marian Aguilar. The person who the Zelle transactions were made to. I immediately contacted US Bank Fraud Department and they shut down everything immediately. I was told at that time that I would most likely receive a provisional credit of $2000.00 within 10 days.
    I received a letter on May 21st saying that the credit was denied because I made the Zelle payments. BS!!!!!!! I called the fraud department upon receiving the letters. and was told that they were reopening the case.
    Today, May 28th, I called U.S. Bank again to follow up, and was told the case was closed.
    I have filed a scam report with Zelle but doubt it will get very far because it states on their site that if you were scammed through your bank, then contact your bank.
    I am starting to clearly see that between the bank and Zelle, the whole thing is a scam and no one can stop it.
    $2,000 is a ton of money to me! I need it back.

  46. I got scammed by a government imposter last week and I was forced to authorize the payments through zelle since they were monitoring me through the phone screen via app… I already called the bank and zelle as well as filled out the FTC report. I know it would be hard for me to get the money back since I am the one who authorized it but is there any chance for me to get a refund through FTC or anything?

  47. Being a scam victim can depressing, you were given empty promises. They usually stop replying after achieving their aim with hurts even more, i have been there too as i was too ambitious and wanted financial security which made me invest a chunk of my life savings. I never thought i would be getting back a dime back and already lost hope until i contacted a Recovery Team, which was just a leap of faith as i wasn’t going to go down without a fight. I was able to recover a significant part of my investment through this recovery Team. Do not brood alone, make a move too. shoot them a message via {[instantrecovery12<>gmail com]}

  48. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my experience in being scammed and then getting refunded successfully. A scammer pretending to be my bank convinced me to move money from my business checking account to my personal account, using Zelle, something that I’ve done a million times. But they had set up a dummy account using my email address at a different bank, so it went straight there. After having the bank open an investigation, I reached out to Bob and other reporters who have covered security issues with Zelle. I filed a police report for the theft, and a newspaper reporter contacted the bank on my behalf too. Bob told me that it sounded like my situation would be covered under Regulation E, and the bank refunded the money on that basis. There may be no miracles in some situations–it sounds like there’s no recourse if you knowingly sent money to a stranger but didn’t receive a good or service)–but it doesn’t hurt to be dogged about this. (But be polite! The person on the phone from your bank’s customer service is not the person who scammed you! Don’t take it out on them!) And spread the word among your family and friends about being very careful with Zelle. It’s fine for paying people you know, but nobody else. Also, NEVER trust an incoming call about your financials. Always hang up and call your bank directly to check if there’s a problem.

    • This just happened to me and I have become to depressed. Will you please tell me how exactly you got your money back? I need to have more surgery and I was scammed and I don’t know how much more I can take.

  49. Bob how can I get the media involved I been fighting a case since December and got refused 4 times already from my bank. I was scammed and thought I was refunding myself through zelle but really the $1000 got sent to the scammer. I also filed a police report and online report too. I have td bank and they will not budge.

      • I never did I’ve reached out to td bank for over 5 months opened several cases and I help at all. They never even sent me paperwork. Then I had gotten into an accident and needed surgery so I gave up on it. Still disappointed I never got any help or my money back I had all appropriate evidence and a police report where even the cop agreed I was a victim of fraud. Only response I got back was well you accepted the transaction by replying YES even though clearly it was a scammer using a number to mimic TD bank phone number and lead me to believe it was td bank. And even though I immediately reached out to td bank fraud minutes after realizing something was wrong. Really us as customers should be protected against this especially being long time customers and this being a first time thing. Idk but reading this makes me want to reach out and try to get my case heard again. I just know I need help and was hoping this site could point me to the right contacts. Banks only back down when they are threatened to be exposed with negative feedback from someone bigger then them- like the media. If anyone has any success stories please share them. Thanks

  50. I have invested with some scam brokers in the past, and the story is as horrific as the ones i have read because i went through the ordeal myself. I lost almost 120,000 euros to this unfortunate brokers, then my lawyer referred me to a recovery firm that got my money back, plus my accrued bonuses. INSTANTRECOVERY12 at GMAIL. (com) …Please stay clear of these scammers and if you have lost money you can still get your money back if you really want…

  51. I was a recent victim of someone pretending to be Bank of America letting me know my account had been hacked. This happened while I was on the way to a dentist appointment after a very stressful day of work. The person on the phone pretending to be the person remake of America and prompted me to send money to my own email address saying that I would be recovering the funds and Wells Fargo would be sending the money back to my account but they had to verify using my email. So I seller my own email address the money thinking I was saving myself from being hacked when in reality I was actually being hacked. After I got off of the phone I literally threw up because I realized what happened and I had just got to the dentist, and it made me sick to my stomach. I have been saving for oral surgery since before Covid 19 started and I finally had the amount I need to have this surgery for my jaw and sinus which has caused me to be depressed over the past year and a half. I am now even more depressed and I feel so defeated I am now out of the money and I can’t have surgery. I am not one to be suicidal but this has gotten me thinking all type of crazy thoughts. I feel so violated and no one has been able to be of any help. I already filed a police report and I have a copy of the report from the Sherrifs office. If anyone can help me I will be forever grateful, please let me know.

    • I am sorry this happened to you. You need to call your bank and tell them you were a victim of phishing and that you need a refund of your money. Something very similar happened to me. It took months for me to get the money back. Just keep trying and tell them that this is not your fault and phishing caused this to happen and you demand a refund of your money.

  52. They took all my money from me, this is a con site, do well to check reviews from previous investors before you get enticed by their RIO. I would have known this site was a canard if I had gone through some of the reviews before investing my money. I was so confused on what to do when I couldn’t get back my $25000. I would have suffered a huge loss But a big thank you to INSTANT Recovery for helping me to get my money back. Contact them via __/instantrecovery12((at)) gmail dot com/__

    • Clark, nice use of “canard.” The format of your post is surprisingly similar to some of the others here, albeit with a different site. How much did INSTANT Recovery charge you to retrieve your $25k? Do posts like yours ever result in a successful phish? When will people realize how easily they will be scammed via Zelle?

  53. I made a Zelle payment of $3200 out of my contact list for accuracy. The name of the person is Juan Cayanan, cell number is 510-798- 2110. Zelle asked me of I wanted to make a payment to Juan Cayanan 510- 798- 2210. And I said confirmed. The money did not go to Juan Cayanan. I called 510-798 2210 and the voicemail states Patty Nunez and won’t return my call. US Bank denied my claim. Please help! It’s a big amount.

  54. ATTENTION: ALL Zelle Scam Victims

    The Zelle application was ill conceived and fails the most basic measures of network security. It’s design has been flawed from inception through implementation. I’m a 40 year computer expert who lost several thousand dollars in the Zelle scam and can document EVERY security and programming error. As a professional project manager responsible for implementing global enterprise critical IT projects, I’ve forgotten more about Sarbanes-Oxley and governance than most lawyers have ever learned.

    Had the banks simply followed the governance tasks required by Sarbanes-Oxley, CoBIT, ITIL best practices, and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for controlling access management, end user validation/authorization, and data integrity. There would NOT be a “Trojan Horse” within the secure perimeter of the banks customer service portal.

    ‘ISO/IEC 27001:2005 covers all types of organizations (e.g. commercial enterprises, government agencies, not-for profit organizations). ISO/IEC 27001:2005 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System within the context of the organization’s overall business risks. It specifies requirements for the implementation of security controls customized to the needs of individual organizations or parts thereof. ISO/IEC 27001:2005 is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets and give confidence to interested parties.” Brother did they ever fail to meet this set of standards.

    Early Warning Services, Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, and Wells Fargo are all aware of the problem and are blaming the consumer for their failure to meet the most basic of network security and user access management, validation, and authentication. I can PROVE there is enough merit to move this case to discovery using nothing but system messages generated by the Zelle application during the scam. I will prove gross negligence to meet even the most basic of network security and user access management, validation, and authentication required by law under Sarbanes-Oxley, CoBIT, ITIL Best Practices, and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 during discovery. And because gross negligence is measured by the same standard as pornography, “You know when you see it!.” That’s a standard made even easier to meet considering the banks present decision to blame the customer for the Trojan Horse in their secure customer portal. Just read the comments in this blog. LOL.

    Marching the banks through their complete and total failure to abide by legally required governance requirements will prove gross negligence from design through implementation. While failure to produce such documentation will be even greater proof of gross negligence and their failure to meet the basic legal requirements of governance statutes. Either way with 15 years trying to “lead this horse to water”, not a single company I have ever worked for over the last 15 years has even come close to true compliance. And worst yet the current C-level of banking staff seems to have forgotten we never actually met the letter of the law with Sarbanes-Oxley because we found a way to cheat on the COSO scoring!

    Their problem is so transparent I could fix it in less than 15 minutes but WAIT I can’t even volunteer to help fix the problem or I can be charged with EXTORTION. I’m no lawyer but in my opinion the banks need to be charged for fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The only thing worse than the banks is the civil liability lawyers.
    I’ve contacted dozens in Houston, ‘Super Lawyers’ my ass! So far there’s not a single civil liability lawyer even willing to separate my case from a class action suit and settle for their piece of $834,000.00. The maximum settlement available in Texas. I can only guess it’s not enough money. And not a single lawyer or firm has responded positively to my request to file a class action suit.

    You see the banks knew the risk involved when they bought the Zelle cash app. The transaction screens that track daily activity clearly show the bank knew the risk associated with a cash disbursement and failed to ensure proper adherence to legal governance requirements. Now the banks are claiming the customers are to blame for the banks gross negligence in design, implementation and QA/QC testing. I’m no lawyer but in my opinion the banks maybe guilty of fraud. But at the very least the banks are guilty of failing to meet their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to their customers. I also believe that during discovery I maybe able to prove the banks guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Even if it doesn’t meet the level of criminal conspiracy. Especially given it appears they could not get two banks together to properly test the application. Yet every bank has almost the same fraud message warning on ALL the bank websites.

    Sarbanes-Oxley and all the governance standards that have followed were designed to specifically protect consumers and the public from corporate fraud and deceit. In my opinion the current actions taken by Early Warning Services, Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, and Wells Fargo qualify for such fraud and deceit. These companies have failed to meet the most basic standards of network security, application access management and end user authentication/validation as required by law under Sarbanes-Oxley, CoBIT, and ITIL best practices.

    Hopefully there’s a Texas lawyer willing to help get my case settled for their piece of a $834,000.00 settlement (the maximum limit in Texas). I can easily prove enough merit to move the case to discovery and I’m willing to bet it will be more about total cost of ownership than right or wrong. You see Zelle and the banks have made a terrible mistake, they’ve succeeded in giving the paper tiger that was Sarbanes-Oxley real teeth and claws. Until now no company has ever screwed up badly enough for Sarbanes-Oxley to be truly tested in court. If ever there was a time for that to change it is now, if ever there was an incident that required that challenge it is the gross negligence associated with all aspects of the design, architect, implementation, and maintenance of the Zelle Cash App.

    I would like to close by asking the CEO of Bank of America a question regarding ethics. While employed at Bank of America in the Latin American/Caribbean Division during the the mid-1980’s. BofA had just been involved in a HUGE international court case that cost it millions of dollars in fines and even more in lost revenue. As BofA slid from being the 50th largest bank to number 500.

    In response BofA made every employee attend a seminar on ethics and values. During that seminar it was suggested that we each individually create an ethics, morals, and values card to carry in our wallet at all times. So during those times when we have a tough decision to make. Our ethics, morals, and values card would help us make the right decision. I still carry that ethics, morals, and values card in my wallet today. I ask you now what sort of ethics, morals, and values does Bank of America stand for today? As you stand there blaming your customers for the gross negligence of your technical staff in the development and thorough QA/QC testing of the Zelle application. For your complete and total failure to adhere to the simplest of legal governance requirements requiring systems security and end user identification, authentication and validation. I’m willing to bet you don’t carry an ethics, morals, and values card in your wallet. Do you? Considering how badly you’ve failed your fiduciary responsibilities to the customers, board, and investors of Bank of America in my opinion.

    Don’t worry folks I’m not going to let this go!!! But unfortunately I still need to find a lawyer with enough back bone to stand up against the banks with me. If your a Houston based lawyer with a back bone leave a follow-up comment and I’ll get back to very quickly or reach out to me via LinkedIn. Otherwise it’s going to take me a little more time to prepare a pro se civil case and represent myself. Wish me luck I feel a little like that poster of a mouse flipping the finger at a hawk getting ready to eat the mouse for lunch with the word DEFIANCE at the bottom.

    So Bob do you happen to know a good lawyer in Houston, Texas? LOL

    • I’m inclined to agree that this is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, at least for the banks that are in bed with Zelle. And I told my bank as much. They advertise the use of Zelle aggressively, and it is the only thing visible on the landing page of their mobile app besides your accounts. Given the failure to disclose the lack of basic fraud protection (which their customers are accustomed to on every other transaction and receive from say PayPal or Visa), it’s at best a moral hazard and at worst makes them a party to the fraud. Particularly when they engage in such openly punitive behavior towards their customers rather than address the system’s blatant vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities which they clearly acknowledge since they are in the process of hiring a Zelle Fraud Investigator for their home office.

      • I’m looking for help, I have gone through all channels to try and recover my funds but unsuccessful. Chase impersonators reached out to me via text and call stating they are the fraud protection and I ended up 2k less. I’m desperate for help. Event occurred Aug. 26th 2021

        Thank you

  55. I am looking for help! I just finished nursing school and so you can imagine funds are low as it is. I received a text message asking if I tried to make a purchase at Walgreens for 500, if not, reply no, so I did. I got another text that said I would receive a phone call from a rep. The person who I spoke to was very punctual and had his lines down.. he then proceeded to ask me if I made a few another purchases or tried and I replied no. He then said that my account has been compromised and that he will be disputing all of these transactions etc. I’m waiting on the phone as he is doing this and before you know it I get an email saying a Zelle account had been made (how they got my email, I don’t know. Why is it so easy to connect zelle to a bank account) so after the account was created I got 18 emails saying that my money is being transferred to an account named “refund refund” I then got a text asking to send money on zelle to refund refund in which, I didn’t reply. Hung up and immediately called my bank as all of these transactions are going through. I was literally on the phone with my bank while this was still going on. They told me I had to wait till it was cleared then file a dispute. They then got me on the phone with a fraud team member and said my online account has been compromised and that I need to create a meeting online banking ID, I had to get a new checking and a new savings account as well.. so I did. Time had passed and well I just received a letter saying my claim was denied because I authorized these transactions?? I couldn’t believe it. I disputed again but I was told I can only dispute twice and if denied again there’s nothing they can do and I’m out $1885!!! Almost 2 thousand dollars, I couldn’t believe they denied it. You can see that multiple transactions for $100 or more each time are being sent, you can see that I didn’t have a zelle account before this happened. I just don’t know what else to do if they deny this again.

  56. I have a different situation. I called ebay to help me solve my refund and their website is going in circles. They tried to help me but was taking too long. They told me that they can expedite the process if I download ANYDESK. That should’ve been a red flag but I didn’t know. Then they told me on the phone that they will just send the refund through zelle and asked me to check my bank if the payment went through. I logged-in my bank and checked. I told them that I didn’t see a payment. They asked me if they can put me on hold, I said okay and I put the phone on speaker. After a few minutes they came back to the phone and told me to keep holding. I said don’t worry about it because I was running late for a meeting and that I will call them back the next day. They said okay. So I took a shower and got ready. Before leaving I wanted to pay a credit card bill and that’s when I say the zelle charges. I called the bank and they said they will conduct an investigation. I’m still waiting for their response…

  57. My daughter’s iPhone was hacked 3 times ($500 each) via her bofa app using Zelle. They all occurred within 5 mins and the $1500 went to Elijah Rogers. Bofa was called immediately and said they would forward to their fraud department. This was March 31, 2021and they claim that unless we can prove that her phone was hacked (which is not possible, according to ATT, Apple and the police), she cannot get her money back. One of the reps even said that the Zelle transfers occurred in a city 2 hours away from her home. While those three fraudulent transactions were being made, she did make a real transaction to pay her rent. So now the fraud dept says that all transactions were being made during the same login time. One other thing to note is that the hackers fraudulently deposited a check the day prior to the Zelle transfers, probably to “test” the system. The check was never signed by my daughter – her name was typed on the back. Bofa will not refund the money. I have taken this issue as far as they will allow, but I don’t know where to go from here. I have also reported an official complaint with the OCC. I would greatly appreciate any help!

  58. My email account was hacked while I was away so I shut it down. I used Zelle through my Wells Fargo Financial online banking. A James Winters, set himself up as a recipient on Zelle. $1500 was transferred to him and then $2000 again on the same day. Two days later, this same James Winters, transferred another $500 to his account. When I returned from my trip, I accessed my accounts to see that $4000 was stolen. I immediately contacted Wells Fargo to start a fraud investigation. After 10 days they denied my claim, stating on their website they inform their clients that they are not responsible for anything that happens with Zelle. I contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a week later my claim was again denied through Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo claimed I gave my username/password to this James Winters. I am now in the process of asking Wells Fargo to reopen the investigation. I want to see all the evidence of their research. I also contacted the Attorney Generals office but I have not received any updates from them yet. It is disgusting that banks encourage their clients to use Zelle as a form of payment but they do not reimburse them for fraud that occurred while using the Wells Fargo online banking system. Also, I am disappointed that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did nothing to assist me except send the same complaint that I sent to Wells Fargo.

  59. Now this is REALLY OUTRAGEOUS! I just received an email from my bank, BoA, with the headline “New! See which friends use Zelle, no matter where they bank in the U.S.” So now BoA is doing its best to spread Zelle fraud to all its customers, and beyond. (As if BoA is a social app and I have “friends” with BoA?) I have called BoA’s service several times emphasizing that I will NEVER use Zelle and to get it as far from my account as possible, yet here they are trying to spread it to me, like a virus. Zelle may not kill like COVID but it is exceptionally dangerous and needs to be stamped out. I will be calling BoA again!

    • Well I absolutely hate that they, BoA, are advertising Zelle to me but I called again and they promised me–again–that nobody can get $$ from my account via Zelle if I don’t set up Zelle. So I would recommend that everyone call their banks and un-setup Zelle. I don’t understand why people still use it given the rampant fraud via Zelle.

  60. I was scammed for about $3700 through Zelle! got a email saying that the iphone that I purchased for someone in New Jersey (by the name of Elijah Rogers) was being delivered for $765 (first of all I didn’t order anything and secondly why would I order a $750 phone for someone I don’t even know), and on my account.
    So, I called customer service immediately with the 877 # provided to inform them that this was a mistake. So, I did and this guy reassured me he would fix it and get my money refunded. I asked him his name and where he was located he told me his name was Mason and that he was located in Fresno, California. The only reason I asked him his name and his location was because of his accent (East Indian).
    So I did what he was telling me to do. He had me install an app on my playstore called team Viewer which I unknowingly found it makes him able to take control of my phone.
    Because of my job, I was out of town on a job assignment when this all happened so I’m just trying to get it resolved quickly. He had me go to my bank app , then I started seeing Zelle being used! He told me he could fix it but needed my bank information. Next thing I know I see all this money being transferred.
    Immediately, I log into my mobile bank account and get a message that there was an error with my log-in so I was unable to log in or see my bank activity. Even further and more frustrating I tried calling the bank’s fraud department and was placed on hold for over an hour and no one ever picked up the phone. Also the location I was at did not have a U.S.Bank location and to make matters worse it was evening around 5 or 6 pm so all branches were closed.
    I immediately hung up, uninstalled the app, and the next morning I called my bank’s fraud number. Canceled my debit card, froze my checking account and the Bank told me it would take 10-45 days for the claim process. About 12 days later I get a letter from them saying my claim is denied. Their reason was my phone that I use my online banking with was used. I had explained to them he took over my phone. I have never heard of Zelle so I wasn’t sure what he was doing. So within a 10-15 minute timeframe, this guy cleaned out my checking account of over $3,000.
    This money and amounts were transferred to the following individuals: Keep in mind I have never heard of any of these individuals”
    Ed Hughes – $500.00, Karsheddrick Moore – $500.00, Roben Hovsepan – $600.00, Adam Bruno – $600.00, Two transfers to Dterreon Glaze – $1500.00, Curtis Thomas – $750.00
    So when I returned back from my travel I went to my bank, and was told that there was nothing they could do and that I would have to go through Zelle, Zelle told me that I had to go through my bank. So either way I feel it is neither of their problem, but mine.

    • “Elijah Rogers” was the same name of the recipient who stole $1500 from my account! On the day of the Zelle transfers, Bank of America was contacted and told they were fraudulent transactions and they said they’d look in to it. Two week later, we get the same letter saying that they denied the claim. Seven months later – still fighting – took it up the latter as far as I could go and they say that the phone made the transactions and unless I can prove the phone was hacked (which no one can do), we will not get our money. I just can’t believe the criminals used the SAME NAME!

  61. Was your bank Bank of America? Because I have reported fraudulent Zelle transfers with them for $1500 (3, $500 each) and after 6 months of discussions and “taking it to the top”, BoA will not refund the money. We are done with them as I could never trust them to keep my money safe. Good luck getting your money back.

  62. Hi Bob,
    I am the victim of a zelle scam. I had 3 transactions totally $3900 from a scammer I thought was a hospital representative collecting the funds for my friends kidney transplant. My friends social media account was hacked and the scammer was so convincing it was him. So I gave the code information that the hospital representative asked for. It was suppose to be $1000 donation and I realized they took a total of $3900. My friend called me to let me know about the scam but it was to late. I filed a claim with Bank of America but after reading all these failed attempts to get their money back I am super discouraged. Is there anyone else I can file with to help me get my money back?

  63. Thank you for writting experience here Bob.

    I am having exactly same problem now.

    After you’re denied from bank, what action did you to recover money finally?

    My friend sugest me to claim small claim court.
    Is it good idea?

    Appreciate your sooner help.

  64. I was paying my bills then noticed it was declined. I was confused so i checked my account and see 2 zelle transfers with a total of $740 sent to individuals that i did not authorize nor recognize at all in my past zelle contacts and payments etc. i never attempted a purchase nor talk with anyone in regards to my private info (i am not a gullible 70yr old elderly..) so this was apparently identity fraud who had unauthorized login access into my personal bank account. When i brought this attention up to chase they directed me to the online service number (1-800-935-9935) and from there issued me credit for the stolen money and sent investigation claims for those 2 zelle transfers.

    About 3 weeks later, im christmas shopping…and my card declines again…and i see “claims reversal” -$545 of my money to the unauthorized fraudster…
    The online claims department told me there reason was because these transfers was made under my user id and device/same service provider. that there were other transactions consistent with those parts so therefore i authorized them. And then without hesitation they closed my case and told me that they dont have recovery rights to re-open.

    Like for the love of almighty God! This is exactly what identity fraudsters do!!! They pretend to be you!!!!!!!!! Which is the whole point of fraud…oh my god…when i was explaining this to them they legit sat there and didnt argue with me on that point….literally proving to themselves that there reason wasnt strong enough.

    On top of that, i have about 4 contacts on zelle that are in my personal contacts (iphone) and they all have phone numbers and matching area code with other zelle recpients as well as their personal emails. They also have repeated consistent payments that i authorized for the past 2 years. And i never once disputed those. Biggest example was my landlord. However, those 2 illegal zelle transfers have accounts that have no phone number but only spam gmail accounts. Those contacts were also added the same day the fraud transfered stolen money to himself and closed those accounts afterwards( the contacts he put dont exist anymore). I never had a single history were my zelle activity was like this. The only zelle payments i authorized was paying my rent for the past two years. Literally the only activity there.
    …like the claims department didnt even contact or get a response from the fraud recipient that i am disputing over (fraud obv wont respond) and thats not normal behavior. Normal people respond to these legal situations. Especially when its involving $740.

    Also the online claims department told me they are located outside the united states…..
    Theyre refusing to even point the direction on what to do except tell me that my case is closed and no recovery rights. Absolutely disgusted and furious.
    Long story short

    Fraud happens to steal my private info and logs in to my account pretending to “look” like me to bypss security…(which by definition is what frauds do..) adds two random accounts that have no working phone number but only spam gmail such as “dododored gmail.com” then initiates unauthorized payments without my permission/knowledge. But according to this department, because the fraudster who stole money from me used same “device” “user id” etc as me( which is the entire intent of fraud) proves to them that i authorized the transaction and not the other way around. And THATS IT! Case closed! My integrity and self respect thrown away like a peice of garbage filth by zelle chase thieves who are physically located in a different country!!
    Im beyond disgusted. I wont accept their apology these people arent good people and dont deserve respect. Its been almost a month of trying to get my money back from these thieves but they are incredibly so insensitive. Im genuinely shocked man..i would gladly vandalize and destroy chase property as well as repeatedly break their jaws if this means getting my money that i worked hard for back into my hands. I had one fraudster steal from me now i have a 2nd fraudster stealing money from me: Chase Bank

    I am clearly angry but i know the world doesnt work like this so please please please help me. I am planning on making a appointment visit with a banker. Nobody is helping me.

  65. what to do after scam? you need to take the necessary step and try to get your money back
    Importantly you need to have all the necessary proof of transfer made when approaching a recovery firm for help

  66. In 2021, crypto criminals directly stole a record US$3.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis. That’s a fivefold increase from 2020. DeFi hacks are projected to be even higher in 2022 so Coinbase developed an initiative to partner with Donald Gallagher Consultants (Donaldgallagherconsultants com) to help curb this problem of cryptocurency theft around the world. I would advice you reach out to them as soon as you can because in such cases the faster you act, the better. .

  67. Recovery Lost Funds From Online Scammer’s/ Cryptocurrency/ Recovery of Stolen bitcoin / Bitcoin Mining/ Increase your Credit score/ MOBILE SPY REMOTECONTROL ACCESS AUTHORIZATION. Removing Bad Records from Both Public and Private database via Email: schwartzsoftwarehackins@gmail.com and WhatsApp contact : ‪+16076220782‬

  68. Don’t be deceived, you can recover stolen bitcoin. Just because you aren’t aware of this doesn’t mean it’s false. We are in the age where technology is advancing fast. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin run an open ledger accessible by everyone. Contact, scamrecoverysite (AT) fastservice dot com. and recover your lost bitcoin…

  69. Really crazy world. These fraudsters go at any length to steal your hard earned funds. I have been a victim of a bitcoin scam about 7 months back. A Con artist gained access to my cashapp account through a phishing scam. They stole $9,700. I was really devastated. I did everything to get back my funds by contacting the support but they claimed there was nothing they could do. A friend told me about a recovery expert. He helped fight against various phishing and investment scams and they were able to help trace and recover my funds even though it took over 16 days. you can reach out to him via Q U I C K R E C OVERY 07 ??at?? gmail. com . It’s been over 5 months since he helped me so i can guarantee his services are still active.

  70. We just got frauded and hacked without any authentication or authorization by me. They stole 39,500.00 for our business account. This was 48 hours ago. Bank of america allowed 39,500.00 to be rooted out by zelle with out any notification what so ever. Giy was pretending to be with fraud department called from Bank of america #. He asked had a 2 step verification code that was sent to my phone to determine it was me. We never sent any zelle transaction back to him or back to us. He hacked into my online business account and stole our money and Bank of america didn’t alert me of any fraud.

    • The fact that banks and cyber security networks have utterly failed to ensure that transactions are safe and secure makes me very unhappy. I have experienced circumstances when I have lost money because I have fallen into the clutches of phony binary option brokers.
      I had lost more than $85,650, but thankfully, with Adrian Lamo’s assistance, I was able to recover everything I had lost. I still have no idea how he manages to do everything he does and deliver on his commitments on time. I believe contacting Adrian via his Gmail HAKWITHADRIANLAMO@ gmail. com was the best action I have ever taken, and I am confident he can assist.

  71. Do not be deceived by the self written recommendations everywhere. I know what i had to go through before sending a a mail to (info at cyberoperations.tech) to get my $68,700 returned to my wallet.

  72. Binary options is more of a ponzi scheme and gamble if you ask me, especially when your broker decides to invest on your behalf. That’s how I lost all my funds to a scam company. They claimed they invested on my behalf, imagine! Anyway, long story short, I did research and got connected to a professional from a recovery firm to do an investigation on these guys and I got my money back within days of my contact getting in touch with the brokers. Hiring a lawyer is useless so don’t waste your time, I was lucky to get connected to this guy. You can shoot me an email on marvintidd04 at gmail dot com if you have similar situation, I’d be glad to help

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