Know Your Nuggets: Choice Overload

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Beer bars are all the rage. Perhaps you’ve experienced actual rage yourself, the last time you saw someone approach a highly trained beertender and ask this simple question: “What’s good?”

Maybe there was even an audible gasp in the bar. Egads! Inevitably, the beertender escalated the situation with a “Well, what do you like?” Then patrons looked on in horror, waiting impatiently behind this traffic jam at the bar. Mercifully, the cringeworthy exchange only ended when the newbie finally walking away with a beer he or she probably ended up hating.

Nobody’s happy – new customers, old customers, the bar owner. But it happens all the time. Think about the last time you walked into an unfamiliar place that offered 40, 50, 75, even 100 types of draft beer, many from small breweries you’ve never heard of. Faced with so many choices, you likely did what most people do: You froze. Or you sheepishly asked, “What’s your favorite?” Or you ordered the first beer on the menu. Or what the person before you had. Or you went simple, and asked for something like “The hoppy-est IPA you have.” Or, Heaven forbid, you asked for a Budweiser.

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