Where I did leave that? Oyea, on Google

April 16, 2019 Bob Sullivan 0

Quick: Which British king had six wives? And now, who won the 2012 World Series? Not a sports fan? Then try this one: Who was the runner up in the 2012 Republican presidential primary race? There’s a good chance you remember the name Henry VIII from high school. I remember [Keep reading]

Get things done with concrete planning

April 16, 2019 Bob Sullivan 1

An English teacher may have taught you that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Your science teacher probably should have taught you that the English teacher was wrong — or at least using a bit too much poetic license. In truth, research shows that making concrete plans [Keep reading]

The cognitive bias collection

April 16, 2019 Bob Sullivan 0

My collection of cognitive bias essays written for PeopleScience.com Affect Heuristic Choice Overload Concrete planning Confirmation bias Default Bias Dunning Kruger Endowed Progress Endowment Effect False consensus Frequency Illusion Goal Gradient Effect (Coming soon) Google Effect Hyperbolic Discounting Identifiable Victim Ikea Effect Illusory superiority Loss aversion (Coming soon) Operational Transparency [Keep reading]

Know Your Nuggets: Endowed Progress

October 2, 2018 Bob Sullivan 1

Want your employees or consumers to finish something? Give them a decent head start. It sounds too simple to be true, but it is. People are more likely to complete a task if they are given a jump start at the beginning. This behavioral phenomenon is called “endowed progress.” We all [Keep reading]

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