Know Your Nuggets: The Identifiable Victim Effect

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 0

The Syrian refugee crisis had been raging for nearly five years, and millions displaced, when one photograph changed the entire global conversation. The lifeless body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi, lying face down on a beach after drowning while attempting a dangerous escape to Europe on a flimsy raft, cut through [Keep reading]

Know Your Nuggets: Choice Overload

September 4, 2017 Bob Sullivan 1

  Beer bars are all the rage. Perhaps you’ve experienced actual rage yourself, the last time you saw someone approach a highly trained beertender and ask this simple question: “What’s good?” Maybe there was even an audible gasp in the bar. Egads! Inevitably, the beertender escalated the situation with a [Keep reading]

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